House to Ensure WAEC Accepts Late Registrations

Rep. Fahnbulleh (Mont. County District # 4)

House Speaker J. Emmanuel Nuquay and members of the leadership could exert every effort to ensure that the West African Examination Council (WAEC) will accept the late registration fees of hundreds of students.

This follows a Tuesday, March 28, letter by Rep. Henry Fahnbulleh (Montserrado District 4), during the 21st Day Sitting to his colleagues that the WAEC has refused to accept late payments from students.

He wrote his colleagues that the examinations are crucial to ensure that students gain admission to universities.

“The WAEC’s action presupposes that without the students’ contributions, the exams will not be administered, which is untrue! The fact is that this Legislature allocates money in the national budget for WAEC,” he wrote.

Rep.  Fahnbulleh added: “Besides that, the National Exams are going to be administered at the end of May 2017, and we are still in March. What harm would it cause WAEC were those students to continue their payments to sit the exams?”

Meanwhile, due to the urgency of the matter, the lawmakers unanimously voted for it to be addressed.


  1. Not to mention the perception that the powers – that – be and MOE czars, after divvying up the US subsidy for public school education with Bridge International, don’t seem to give a damn about late students’ registration for WAEC exams.

  2. When would our people ever be time or deadline conscious? Someone is thinking about how to buy kala in front of their homes. The Legislators themselves don’t know their responsibility. Is that something to vote on, or it’s the MOE to handle things like late payment of exams fees? International organizations don’t work that way. It’s hard to believe that our lawmakers don’t understand that WAEC has to follow the organization’s time schedule to print the exams abroad.

  3. I cant believe that the Liberian legislatures will take tax payers time to sit there and encourage schools to be late in paying their WAEC fees. Liberian schools dont need no law makers to tell them or encourage such a lazy behavior. Why don’t you encourage the schools to make sure that they are on time with their fees.

    If you don’t have anything to do, please write a bill that will allow Liberians in the diaspora to vote through the Liberian Embassies accredited overseas, write a bill that will push the government to sent graduate from the medical school to go abroad for advance studies, write bill that will make government to build a TV station that the signal will go from Cape Mount to cape Palmas, same for the national radio station just to name a few. Please forget that WAEC thing with MOE, please


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