House to Endorse Veep Boakai on Thursday

- Exercise targets 45 Representatives

Partial view of lawmakers who are endorsing the presidential bid of Vice President Joseph N. Boakai in the upcoming elections

At least thirty three (33) members of the House of Representatives have registered their names on a resolution to support the presidential bid of Vice President Joseph N. Boakai at the October polls, the Daily Observer gathered over the weekend. The newspaper also learnt that the leadership of the House has targeted 12 more lawmakers to join the endorsement exercise.

An executive member of the House leadership, Representative Prince Moye, told the Daily Observer in an exclusive interview via mobile phone yesterday that Representatives whose names have already been enlisted to endorse VP Boakai’s presidential bid have tentatively scheduled the formal program for the official endorsement to take place on Thursday, May 18, in the Rotunda of the Capitol Building.

Rep. Moye is an executive of the ruling Unity Party.

“For now, there are 33 Representatives who have written their names to support the candidacy of the UP standard bearer and have therefore tentatively scheduled the program for Thursday, May 18,” Rep. Moye said. “The House leadership will conclude the listing of Representatives that would endorse VP Boakai’s presidential bid and date of the program on today, Tuesday.”

Rep. Moye is the chairman on the Joint Committee on Ways, Means and Finance of the Legislature, and the UP 2017 Convention chairman. He said that the unveiling of the lawmakers’ commitment is to demonstrate their support for the Vice President. He did not say how much each Representative will be contributing to Boakai’s campaign as compared to the 18 Senators who promised to contribute US$1,000 each for five months.

Unconfirmed reports gathered said Speaker J. Emmanuel Nuquay and Deputy Speaker Hans Barchue are part of the Representatives who are poised to endorse Boakai’s candidacy.

The support of the Vice President by members of the House of Representatives comes in the wake of a recent program in the Capitol Building wherein 19 senators from 14 counties endorsed the presidential bid of Vice President Boakai on Thursday, May 11.

It may be recalled that in the endorsement statement read by Grand Kru County Senator Peter Coleman, the Senators noted that the Vice President was chosen from among the other presidential candidates due to his humility, resourcefulness, experience and, most importantly, his reliability and stable-mindedness in making decisions.

Sen. Coleman said the presidency of the country is beyond just being a Senator, and is for someone who commands respect in managing people.

“From what we continue to experience, this election is a one-rounder, and it will help government to save resources from printing ballots for a run-off,” Coleman assured the gathering.

Vice President Boakai, who is also President of the Senate, thanked the lawmakers and said if 19 of 30 Senators he interacts with daily decided that he is the most suitable candidate for the presidency, it shows that the people have spoken because, according to the V.P., the Senators were elected based on the majority of their compatriots who reposed their confidence in them.

“I agree that we need to make it a one round thing,” Boakai said.

The program was also attended by former lawmakers; prominent among them was former Senate Pro Tempore Cletus Segbe Wotorson, who thanked the Senators for completing what they had earlier envisioned while at the Capitol Building.


In a related development, the Liberia Holding Consortium (LHC) has released the first of a series of polls on the 2017 elections, according to a press release yesterday.

The Principal of the LHC, former Press Union president Abdullai Kamara, said the poll considered key population areas in eight counties over a ten-day period.

The LHC poll results showed Vice President Joseph Boakai as the lead candidate, followed by George Weah (Coalition for Democratic Change) and Charles Brumskine (Liberty Party) from a list of seven candidates.

Using a sample space of 275 persons, the results showed 29.45% of total respondents favoring VP Boakai, 22.18% for Weah and 16% for Brumskine.

The results further showed that respondents were significantly undecided (23.27%) on a choice for Vice President, while Bong Senator Jewel H. Taylor was favored by 19.27%. This segment of the poll required respondents to provide the name of their choice.

In addition, the result showed potential county leads for various candidates including: Lofa and Margibi for Boakai; Montserrado, Bomi and Grand Gedeh for Weah; Bassa for Brumskine; and Nimba for All Liberia Party’s Benoni Urey. The results for Bong County showed Urey and VP Boakai in a tie.

While each county showed differences in expectations of the government, respondents generally cited their main concerns as education, health, jobs, roads, and agriculture.

The polls also collected a list of possible lawmakers that respondents find favorable per county.

According to the LHC, the next poll will be held at the end of May and will continue monthly until the elections.


  1. Unrealistic opinion poll being conducted by these so-called pollsters in the country. You guys still have to learn gathering opinion poll.It is not all about sitting in one corner and imagine figures​ and write them.275 people from 8 counties, you are not serious about conducting electoral poll.

  2. It is clear to registered Liberian voters that our so called Members House of Representatives and Senators are very CORRUPT and do not respect the will of the Voters. Now, you can see that they are trying to put in POWER the Unity Party Candidate with their influences. Their endorsements are the proofs BUT the decision is yours. Do not let them intimidate your choice. They are corrupt and want to stay in POWER by choosing the Old Man who will over look their corrupt PRACITCES. VOTE for a cleaned-up a PRESIDENT. Boakai is the same and not good Liberia of TOMORROW.

  3. People, please ask yourself first if any of these people have adequately done their jobs in representing you before you allow them to influence your decisions. The power to change your living conditions remains with you.

  4. My Highest Esteems; for the Liberian House of Representatives. Absolutely! This is a move in the right direction. Hon. J. Nyumah Boakai will make an Excellent President of Liberia. He is the one who will make Liberia’s Economy SUSTAINABLE. That’s what Liberia needs most. J.Nyumah Boakai have the EXPERIENCE. When others were producing and selling Liberia’s Natural Resources for large corporations, J.Nyumah Boakai was selling Commodities; COCOA, COFFEE and other Produce for ordinary Liberians; thus creating “Real Incomes” for his fellow Liberian Citizens. A MAN with the expertise; as J.Nyumah Boakai will pull Liberia out of the current ECONOMIC RUINS, caused by the collapse of the prices of IRON ORE AND RUBBER. Let’s ELECT: JOSEPH NYUMAH BOAKAI, President; Republic of Liberia. [email protected].

  5. The Vice President is not corrupt, no document has surface about such, while serving the Liberian people for over 30yrs. If he is corrupt because he is VP under EJS Presidency, sorry that’s unjust. William R. Tolbert (19yrs VP Tubman era) turn-out to be the best President of our time. Great improvement in Education, Healthcare and Sanitation during his Presidency. VP Boakai will serve the Liberian people well. The Liberian People will elect the right person, VP Boakai. Our focus should be on the Lawmakers, they are the reason Liberians are suffering. Call family members, tell them to vote for individuals who will help them improve their living condition.

    • Mr. Jimmeh, unfortunately VP Boakai is not Tolbert, your comparison is wrong. There was no such as uncotrolled Corruption in the Tolbert’s Administration as it is now in the Boakai and Sirleaf’s Administration, especially in the Legislature where Mr. Boakai is Head of the SENATE. The VP can not improve Liberian Citizens’ living-Conditions. Look at his owned County of Lofa. The County currently has the worst Road condition in Liberia. If he did not improve the people of Lofa living Conditions, how can he improve the entire Liberians’ lives? Anyway, he is too old to improve young Liberians’ lives. It is time for him to become a Senior Citizen and retire. Thanks

  6. My Highest Esteems and appreciations to Liberia’s House of Representatives. Absolutely! this is a step in the right direction. Hon. J. Nyumah Boakai will make an Excellent President of Liberia. He is the one who will make Liberia’s Economy SUSTAINABLE. That’s what Liberia needs most.

  7. When others were busy selling Liberia’s Natural Resources to large Corporations, J.Nyumah Boakai was selling such Commodities as Coaco, Coffee and other Produce for other Liberians; thus creating “NEEDED INCOMES” for his fellow Liberian Citizens. A MAN with the expertise; as J.Nyumah Boakai will pull Liberia out of the current ECONOMIC RUINS, caused by the collapse of the prices of Iron Ore and Rubber . Let’s ELECT: JOSEPH NYUMAH BOAKAI, President; Republic of Liberia.

    • What happened to the (11) plus years as VP? What happened to poverty? Did he reduce poverty? What happened to Lofa? Did he improve his people lives?Please talk with researched proofs. Do not look at personality to decide on Liberia’s Leader for Tomorrow.

      • G; the V.P’s position, is like that of a substitute player. He/She is not the Policy(s) maker. You keep coming up with the same WRONG question; asking the wrong person. All during his turnure; as Vice President, J.Nyumah Boakai have been an Observer. He knows Liberia’s problems; better than any of the other Presidential Candidates. As such, he knows the best solutions.You bet! Joseph Nyumah Boakai is a man of his own mind. He has his own game plans. When elected, J.Nyumah Boakai will make an Excellent President of the Republic of Liberia. Vote for JNB; the MAN…

  8. This does not surprise me at all. These people know what they are doing. Keeping the Unity Party in power will save them from any possible investigation and prosecution by a new administration.

    Well, we are waiting on the supreme Court justices to announce the date to endorse Joseph Boakai. Then the full cabinet of Ellen Sirleaf will indore too.

    What a waste of time Liberia is.

    • In that case, how about “Emmanuel Moore for president?” Such simple solution! That, instead of second-guessing and condemning others for the prospect of choosing what they perceive as a more tenable and palatable option from a list of self-centered rascals, each clamoring for a turn at Liberia as that proverbial elephant meat. How about doing just that, instead of trying to commit suicide over the free will of others in choosing a destiny of their choice? That would surely be disabusing yourself of the things you cannot control, versus the ones you can. Makes sense? …Carpe diem!

      • Thanks but I don’t want to be president and I don’t have to be a presidentialcandidate to express my opinions on this matter.

        Liberia needs a new breed of visionary and vibrant leaders. Tell me, what new ideas does Boakai have apart from the failed policies of the Unity Party over the past 12 years.

        Let another Liberian be given the opportunity to move our impoverished country ahead.

        Alexander Cummings, I think, will be the best choice for moving Liberia in the right direction.


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