House Summons Public Works Minister

-Over state of Southeastern roads

Gyude Moore and Speaker Nuquay

The House of Representatives has summoned Public Works Minister William Gyude Moore for the second time to appear before the full plenary today, March 21, on reports of deplorable roads in the southeast.

Minister Moore was summoned on Thursday, March 16, during the 18th Day Sitting to explain the circumstances surrounding contracts awarded to companies to rehabilitate roads in the southeast.

Moore’s summons comes less than two months after the House summoned him based on a communication from River Gee County District #1 Representative Johnson T. Chea on the deplorable condition of roads in the southeast, especially the segment between Zwedru, Grand Gedeh County, and Fishtown, River Gee County.

In his communication to House Speaker J. Emmanuel Nuquay read on Thursday, March 16, Rep. Chea said it has become very difficult for even motorcyclists to ply the route from Kanweaken (between Zwedru and River Gee) to Fish Town.

“As there is no alternative route for our people to commute in these areas,” Rep. Chea said, “Mr. Speaker and fellow colleagues, as you may be aware, there are lots of crises that accompany deplorable roads including arbitrary hike in transportation fares, and prices of goods and services. These actions are detrimental to the survival of our people, and we cannot sit idle and watch it continue. We need to take speeches out of this issue, and be more practical in finding an amicable solution to the problem our people are now faced with.”

It may be recalled that when the minister first appeared before the House in February this year, he told the House Committee on Works that US$2.2 billion is needed to connect the 15 county capital cities.

Based on his disclosure, Grand Kru County District #2 Representative Numene Bartekwa wrote the House plenary to draft a joint resolution with the Senate calling on the Executive Branch of the government to raise the US$2.2 billion for the pavement of roads throughout the country.

Bartekwa wants the Legislature to authorize President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf to lobby international financial institutions or friendly governments to raise the US$ 2.2 billion for standardized (all weather) roads throughout the country.

Following nearly an hour of debate on the matter, Rep. Bartekwa’s communication was turned over to the House Committees on Public Works and Ways, Means and Finance to review it and advise plenary.


  1. The cost of not having adequate roads is high as stated in the article, i.e. prices of commodities and services will rise, but what are the odds that the country will be able to lobby $2.2 billion from the international financial body.


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