House Summons LEC

-To answer why interim management team should not be held in contempt

Partial view of Representatives overwhelmingly voting to hold the Interim Management Team of LEC in contempt

The Plenary of the House of Representatives has unanimously agreed to summon the Interim Management Team (IMT) of the Liberia Electricity Corporation (LEC) to answer why it should not be held in contempt for disrespecting and disregarding the Committee on Contracts, Public Procurement and Monopolies, after failing to reply to four request letters from the Committee.

LEC Acting Managing Director Foday Soko Sackor and his interim team are expected to appear before the full Plenary on Thursday, April 6, at 10:00 a.m.

The lawmakers said the lack of respect shown the Committee encompasses the House’s Plenary, which has empowered the Committee to do its work.

The House’s Plenary reached the decision on Tuesday, March 28, during its 21st Day Sitting as a result of a complaint filed against the LEC by the Committee’s chairman, Montserrado County District # 4 Representative Henry B. Fahnbulleh.

Partial view of Representatives overwhelmingly voting to hold the Interim Management Team of LEC in contempt

Rep. Fahnbulleh told the Plenary that the LEC Interim Management has ignored the Committee’s letters, which were predicated upon a list from the Public Procurement

Concession Commission (PPCC), naming the LEC and 28 other institutions as non-compliant with the PPCC Act.

The Montserrado County lawmaker said the letters were written on four different occasions (December 12, 2016; January 26, 2017; March 1, 2017 and March 17, 2017), but that the LEC Interim Management team deliberately refused to comply with any of them.

The letters were accordingly read and displayed in Session by the Chief Clerk of the House of Representatives.

“The Interim Management Team at LEC is not only attempting to stall the Committee’s work but also to undermine the authority of this Plenary by creating the false impression that it is a super entity and therefore cannot be brought under our oversight,” Rep. Fahnbulleh wrote.

“Section 1(1) & (2) of the PPCC Act is clear about the Scope and Application and it covers all executive agencies, the Judiciary and the Legislature. Similarly, Honorable Speaker, Section 3 of the PPCC Act talks about non-application law and exemptions. The Liberia Electricity Corporation (LEC) is nowhere mentioned.

“Finally, Honorable Speaker, since all committees derive their authorities from Plenary, I pray that we take appropriate action to ensure that the LEC, an Executive agency, complies fully with the Legislative intent.”

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