House Summons JFKMC for Breach of Privacy of Late Rep. Sloh

The late Rep. Jay Nagbe Sloh

— But hospital denies culpability 

Unanimously, members of the House of Representatives voted to summon authorities of the John F. Kennedy Medical Center (JFKMC), including nurses and doctors assigned in the Private Room or Ward for breach of health privacy of the late Rep. J. Nagbe Sloh.

Rep. Sloh died on Tuesday, June 30 of a protracted illness, at the age of 55.

The House’s Plenary, which responded with “shock and deep sadness” made the decision on Thursday, July 2, following a communication from Grand Bassa County Representative Thomas Goshua.

The House observed a moment of silence to commemorate Rep. Sloh’s death, as was done when Rep. Adolph Lawrence died on March 24, 2019.

Rep. Goshua argued that the breach of privacy and confidentiality could not only affect a person’s dignity, but can cause harm.

“We believe that respecting privacy (and autonomy) is a form of recognition of the attributes that give humans their moral uniqueness.”

It may be recalled, hours after his demise, photos of the Sinoe County Dstrict #2 Represenative’s lifeless body went viral on social media, including a video of the late Representative being worked on by a native doctor.

Rep. Goshua, in his communication to his colleagues, complained that the photograph of their fallen colleague, which was taken in his private room at the JFKMC, is currently being displayed grossly on social media with denigrating comments from all viewers without regard to his family and the Honorable House of Representatives.

The Grand Bassa County wonders how the picture of their fallen statesman got into the public glare when they’re supposed to observe privacy of patients at the JFKMC and all medical facilities.

According to Plenary decision, authorities of the JFKMC, along with all nurses who were in charge of the late the late Representative, are expected to appear on Monday, July 6, to answer to questions on the alleged breach of health privacy.

Accordingly, depending on the level of responsibility or culpability attributed to the hospital by plenary, the House of Representatives would recommend to the Board of JFKMC or the Management for harsher fines and penalties for inappropriate or unauthorized use of information or breach of health privacy of the late Rep. Sloh. There might be recommendations of either Civil fines or criminal penalties.

A similar occurrence was in the case of the late famous Liberian musical recording artist, ‘Quincy B’, minutes after he was pronounced dead upon arrival. Pictures of the late Quincy’s corpse were seen on social media.

In a quick response to the release of the photos of the late Rep. Sloh taken during his stay at the hospital, the management of the JFKMC distanced itself from the photos, saying that friends and relatives of the late Representative had access to the private ward.

“We believe the photo circulating the social media could have only been taken by relatives and friends who had access to the patient during his admission,” JFK said.

“The Management strongly condemns this inhumane and horrible act and calls on individuals involved in the unauthorized recording, photographing and filming of patients within the premises of the Medical Center to desist.

The JFK management added that it takes “keen interest in the protection and promotion of patients’ privacy and has since instituted a Patient Privacy Policy (PPP) which protects the privacy of every patient.”


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  1. These scary leaders of fools’ paradise in the House of Representatives behaviors are best described by the legendary Shakespeare in his works of Julius Caesar, saying,” When beggars die, there are no comets seen; The heavens themselves blaze forth the death of a princes”. But here are these cowardly fools in the House of Representatives afraid of there own shadows, and what the citizens will say about them, when they passed away. These cowardly Representatives have already died many times before their deaths, right before the eyes of the citizens. A death which is actually and already predictable by the Heavens. Yet when beggars looking for food in this worse economic environment died for lacks of health care in their communities or in the country generally, there are no comets from the Heavens. No comment from the cowardly Representatives as in the case of a young child at the hands of a police officer. But these cowardly fools as direct Representatives of their citizens are worried about their image and pride and privacy, when they died in an unfunded hospital. These cowardly Representatives that never followed rules or instructions, if they were even told not to enter the hospital wards, they are most likely to tell the security, do you know who I am ? Will they themselves not threatened the security and his job ? This is not the first of this kind of political power showdown by these cowardly fools in the House of paradise. A former Representative ran his vehicle into the back of a broken down truck. The city Mayor was summoned. The RIA highway is still without traffic lights. No need to go further than that. When the politicians failed their people, it is always someone else’s fault. And here is the famous of them all: When Liberia becomes bad, it will not be me . It will be your. That is the new narrative. If JFK is unfunded to operate as a well staffed hospital, look no further than the management that is supposed to use their own funds to care for the lawmakers that will come knocking and seeking emergency medical attention. With protected wards and fully staffed. These fools living in the House of paradise and receiving almost 30 thousand US dollars per month, they believe that their colleague would had received better medical attention and treatment, with better protected privacy in GHANA. To Hell With Them. Resigned from the House of paradise, and find out how tough life is and has become for the average citizens living on two US dollars per day, plus health related expenses. Why not step down from the House of paradise, and carry your own load ? Can’t, because you all are the cowards Shakespeare spoke of in his classic writings of Julius Caesar. Coward like them have died many many times before they are even buried. Listen to what the citizens saying about us on social media. The fault is JFK. Fools in political paradise. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Warning:comment on this post at your own risk.

    • Mr. Davis, I understand your frustrations. However; what happened to Hon. Sloh is a violation of privacy! Be it a medical professional, a friend, or a foe, it was a privacy violation! It is unethical to have exhibited the photos of the Late Sloh! No matter the failure of our political leadership, there was no need for this kind of breach. It is too common for “wannabes” showing off their “news getting skills!” That should have been the work of the deceased family. Furthermore; it is “Un-african to disrespect our deceased! This is a complete abuse of the victim and the internet. Yes, our political leaders are failing us. As the American singer, Willie Nelson, “If you don’t like them, vote them out!” “2 wrongs cannot make a right!”

      • ERROR:

        I meant, As the American singer, Willie Nelson, dang, “If you don’t like them, vote them out!”

  2. The House must be feigning everything they are claiming and threatening. Unless it is the hospital which took those photographs (which of course cannot be the case), By the way, was it the hospital which disseminated the “video of the late Representative being worked on by a native doctor”?

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with being treated by a native doctor! Many many years ago, had it not been for God and the treatment of a native doctor, I would be a dead man by now! PEOPLE ARE JUST SIMPLY DAMNED FOOLISH AND EXTREMELY WICKED! MY GOD!!!

    This is why I do not believe nor participate in that face-book crap! Unless there are already regulations in place prohibiting smart phones, cameras, etc. within wards in the hospital; in the age of SMART PHONES AND THE ABUSE OF FACE-BOOK, with relatives, friends, and legislative colleagues, etc. visiting the patient, the House or anyone is simply ranting to “talk about” level of responsibility or culpability attributed to the hospital, harsher fines and penalties, either Civil fines or criminal penalties,” and all that crap!

    All you have to do is enact regulations, laws, policies, or guidelines, that henceforth, neither phones nor cameras shall ever be allowed in wards, whether public or private. PERIOD!

  3. I think Mr. James Davis post clearly put things in prospective and hammered the nails right where they belong. This very lawmaker was on social media bragging, about how all his kids are in the U. S schooling and how his wife has a very good medical insurance for the family. He was widely criticized and yet, he justified his post that didn’t go well with many Liberians. Accurately being said by Mr. True Nationalist, there is nothing absolutely wrong with traditional or herbalist treatment to cure people that fall sick.

    The reality is, the corvid19 has created the even play ground for everyone in Liberia regardless of status. “No one leaves Liberia to anywhere for medical treatment” because all airlines are grounded. This is a very powerful message that’s being convey to our leadership, equipped and funds the health sectors in Liberia. Why should a lawmaker be earning more money than medical doctors? Hon. Sloh’s died because, our government under fund our health sectors since they don’t need madical services in Liberia, will rather travel out of Liberia to seek treatment.

    About restricting cell phones in hospitals walls, as suggested by Mr. True Nationalist, I partially disagree on this because, there are the good side of cell phones and the bad side, especially since there is no land base phones operating widely across Liberia presently. There are more good side of cell phones usage in hospitals than the bad side. For example, the patient can communicate with relatives and friends while being admitted, take photos of themselves in recovering mode or during physio therapy section from accidents, going through their emails and responding to urgent messages and many more. The bad side has over shadow the usage by taking photos of patients in a very bad situations, then posting these terrible photos on social media for viewing. This is unacceptable and very in humane to our very existence as human beings. Yes, we can regulate the bad side and encourage the good side. Let have some honest discussion and play it safe.

  4. Mr. Joseph Akoi, of course that would be a gross blunder and in fact a brutal cruelty to prevent patients from communicating with their relatives via mobile phones.

    This is why we have recommended or suggested that it is people visiting patients – whether relatives or otherwise who should be prohibited from taking mobile phones or cameras with them in hospital wards – whether private or public.

  5. I do not agree that visitors to a patient’s room should be prohibited from carrying their phones or cameras in the room, What needs to be done is for Liberians to learn common sense and to also know the rules of social media.. Wsense does it make as a hospital staff or a family member to take the picture of someone who is sick or someone who has died? Where is the common sense and where is the privacy?

    THe Liberia legislatures needs to introduce HIPAA( Health Insurance Portability Accountability Act) law in our country. HIPAA law require the creation of national standards to protect sensitive patient health information from being disclosed without the patient’s kowledge or consent, WHen it comes to discussing patient’s health information, Liberian medical personnels have not graduated. What happen to Hon. Sloh whether family member or hospital staff, it should not have happened.

    However, let the government investigate and to find out whosoever took the lifeless body of the honorable man. That was an inappropiate behavior.

  6. So, Mr. Manston, what happened to Hon. Sloh could ONLY BE DONE by a family member or hospital staff”?

    That so called HIPPA you are mentioning has its IDENTICAL counterpart not only in Liberia, but ALSO, across the globe. So, according to you, Mr. Manston, those who have of course broken your mentioned HIPPA, and those who are bound to violate the very HIPPA, have not “learned commonsense”?

    So according to you, Mr. Darius Manston, “social media” or its rules aside; all, most, some, or few, of the rules which are broken by whichever individual or group is because such people have not “learned commonsense”?

    When making such assertion, assumption, or hypothesis, one must take into account the essential and immutable character of all human beings in toto.

    Such measure shall highlight what is innate and natural about human life, as opposed to what human beings have gained from education or through social experience.

    Taking such measures, one would be circumspect in making conclusions or evaluations, and not assert and or display what are conceptualized in sociology and personal psychology as TRACK THINKING and or TUNNEL VISION!!!

  7. Mr. Mantson! I partially agree with Mr. True Nationalist, that, those photos were taking by friends, family or someone that works at the hospital and knew Hon. Slog. Investigation should also focus on all those that accompanied Hon. Slog to visit the herbalist, since photos of the visit had also pop up via social media. And my guess is, the individual that took the herbalist photographing is the perpetrator. This behaviour is far beyond common sense and little below stupidity Mr. Mantson.

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