House Summons Defense Minister Samukai

To urge extension of eviction deadline for squatters at 72nd Barracks

Defense Minister and Rep. Thomas Fallah

Defense Minister Brownie Samukai has been summoned by the House of Representatives to appear before the full plenary on Thursday, April 27.

Minister Samukai is expected to give clarity on the looming eviction of the 1,083 occupants from the 72nd Camp Ramrod Barracks.

The lawmakers said an ultimatum from the Defense Minister to civilians to vacate the barracks is threatening, especially considering the recent engagement of the AFL in West Point during the Ebola epidemic, in which 16-year-old Shaki Kamara was shot and subsequently died as a result of his wound.

Members of the House unanimously made the decision on Tuesday, April 25 after lengthy discussions, owing to a letter from District # 5 Montserrado County Rep. Thomas P. Fallah.

In his letter, Rep. Fallah said that although the barracks is owned by the AFL, he will, nonetheless, appeal along with the occupants, for the eviction deadline to be extended.

“The decision is not timely when our nation is preparing for the General and Presidential Elections in October, having climaxed the nationwide registration exercise,” Rep. Fallah said, adding, “it will affect children who are currently in public schools in the barracks, among others”.

He urged,  “in the interest of peace and harmony of our state as we prepare for our general and Presidential elections on October 10, 2017, I would appreciate as well the timely intervention of this body in this matter for a peaceful settlement.”


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