House Speaker Chambers, Senate President Pro Temp Chie Urge Liberians to Abandon June 7 Protest

Dr. Ibn Chambas and delegation with Liberian Legislative leaders during their meeting about the pending June 7 protests.

House Speaker Bhoffal Chambers and Senate President Pro Tempore, Albert Chie have urged protestors to abandon the June 7 demonstration because, according to them,  most of the issues raised by the planners, the Council of Patriots, need considerable time to be addressed. Meanwhile, House Speaker Dr. Bhofal Chambers has argued that protests over the years have bad omen, referencing the bloody April 14 rice riot and April 12 coup d’etat.

The remarks from the Senate’s Chief Administrator and the Head of the House of Representatives followed a closed-door courtesy visit to the Legislature by the United Nations Special Representative of the United Nations Secretary General for West Africa and the Sahel, Mr. Mohamed Ibn Chambas, at the head of a delegation including the Ambassadors from ECOWAS and the African Union, held in the office of the Speaker, at the Capitol.

Speaking to journalists on Friday, May 24, 2019 also in the office of the Speaker, the two legislative leaders said they discussed a variety of issues including the economy, the impeachment of Associate Justice Kabineh Ja’neh, the planned June 7 protest, among others.

Speaker Chambers, speaking rather sternly, expressed disappointment that the protest organizers, some of them being his colleagues in the House of Representatives, would form part of the controversial demonstration. The Speaker’s remarks come amid recent complaints by several other members of the House of Representatives concerning what they describe as his poor leadership in the House, especially when presiding over legislative activities that have not met due diligence requirements or are simply unconstitutional.

In his remarks following the meeting with Dr. Chambas and others, the Speaker stressed that during the tenure of former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, worse things occurred, including the bankruptcy of the National Oil Company of Liberia (NOCAL), which did not prompt a protest. Instead, he wondered why the Weah Administration, which has spent under two years in office, cannot be given the chance to fulfill its mandate to the the Liberian people.

The Maryland County District #2 Representative said that planners of the protest have no good intentions for the country and according to him, it is very disappointing for the planners to abuse the opportunity given them on May 14, when they were expected to express their ‘grievances’ in front of the President and international partners, but did not.

The Grand Kru County Senator, for his part, indicated the government needs time to tackle those genuine issues, though he did not state how much time. However, he said with time the government could ably address these challenges, therefore the planners should cut-off the protests and Liberians should, according to him, shun the demonstration.

The House’s Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman, Bomi County District #1 Representative, Edwin M. Snowe, Jr., who leads the Liberian delegation at the ECOWAS Parliament was the only lawmaker along wwith Senate President Pro Tempore and the House Speaker who met the UN and ECOWAS delegation. He reserved comment.

Also on Friday, the the UN Special Representative for West Africa and the Sahel also meet the Council of Patriots in a closed-door meeting.


  1. The bridge perhaps linking three counties is reported to be on the verge of collapsing in the South East making the transportation of goods and services as Hell for the people. Both leaders of the Liberian legislature are well known sons of the soil of those affected area. And the forgotten constituents plead for support and help from them are ignored. Since the impeachment proceedings, the two leaders have not been seen in their respective counties to dialogue with their constituents . But Senator Prince Johnson did just that , the day following the impeachment and had a dialogue with his constituents on live radio for Q & A . The Pro-temp after the impeachment flew to Ghana for medical vacation for about a month. The Speaker spent his time in the ghetto capital of Liberia called Monrovia . And these are the political selfish leaders from the Southeast. They were elected by their constituents because they are men in coat and tie for daily wears. Here the two are asking the organizers to cut off their protest . That way the regime will have the time to work on the grievances. In other words, if the protest continues, they as the third and fourth powerful leaders of the country, they will not do anything to address the grievances until the protest is called off . Putting it another way , what they are actually saying is that , they know what to do in addressing the grievances, but they will not act until their demands as leaders of the country are met . That is , cut off the planned protests. One should know by now why the leadership of the regime from the Southeast is not serious about the leadership of the country. Only personal motives as the political force that is driving their political interests. They won’t even meet with their own constituents in order to seek their welfare , these men in black coat and tie gonna be trusted ? Do so at your own political risk. For constituents political participation, these men in their black coats and ties from the Southeast were beaten politically by the notorious Prince Johnson where constituents of his count . So Go ahead and trust the two or perhaps three with the future of the country. Make your bed.

  2. Chie and Chambers are two parasites that are sucking our country dry. Scared that the protest will show that they are incompetents shits that do nothing for their people. Your job is to work in the senate but now every pup plate want to talk about protest. When white face Mulbah Morlu, our biggest liar, was marching, none of you open your mouth. We will protest. This is our country too. Chambers go read the constitution and get your check. Liberia is in deep shit when we have two fecee people talking nonsense.

  3. These criminals are the real reason why Liberians must protest. These fools are enriching themselves at the detriment of the people and they are now shamelessly asking Liberians not o protest. What a shame and national disgrace.

  4. It appears, Liberia’s Pro Temp of The Senate, Chie and Speaker of The House of Representatives, Chamber are frightened by the sight of their[OWN] shadows. Both, The Weah’s Administration and Organizers of 06/7/19 are already emphasizing a “Peaceful Demonstration.” The pro-temp and the speaker can/should not expect “The People” to remain silent; when they(the people) are hurting. In the main time, Liberia’s Legislators and other high ranking Officials live EXCESSIVELY-EXTRAVAGANT. The pending, June 7, 2019 Peaceful Demonstration is absolutely necessary.

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