House Passes ‘Road College’ Law

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The House of Representatives has passed a Bill to establish the Liberian Institute for Road Building and Maintenance, which would traditionally be known as “Road College.”
The House Plenary unanimously voted for the enactment last Thursday, August 27, owing to a report from the Joint Committee on Public works and Education.
The report from the Public works and Education Joint Committee says that Liberia, at 168 years old, is still seriously challenged by the lack of basic infrastructure, specifically a network of roads.
The proposed law for the Liberian Road Institute has since been forwarded to the Liberian Senate for concurrence.
In order to tackle the lack of motorways during the 1970s, the Government in partnership with the German Government established the Liberian Road Maintenance Training Center in District #2, Grand Bassa County. The center was damaged during the 1990 civil crisis.
“The reactivation of the Road Maintenance Training Center would significantly help in training middle level road technicians in road building and maintenance,” the report said.
“Mr. Speaker and distinguished colleagues, the Joint Committee on Education and Public Works… now recommends, that plenary endorses this report with its recommendation for the passage of the Bill seeking the creation of the Liberian Institute for Road Building and Maintenance.”
The Bill is sponsored by Grand Kru County Representative Numene Bartekwa and co-sponsored by the Representatives of the Grand Bassa Legislative caucus.
The Bill defines a road as a basic infrastructure that influences national growth and development and the lack of road connectivity in our country has served as one of the greatest drawbacks to our national growth and development.
“The category of roads shall include railroad, runway/airport and motor road,” the report specified.

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