House of Representatives Sympathizes with China


… over Conoravirus losses, offers blessings

The House of Representatives has unanimously voted to convey condolences to the People’s Republic of China (PRC) for their losses as well as offer blessings in that nation’s fight against the novel coronavirus including the reaffirmation of the one-China Policy amid the epidemic.

The House of Representatives agreed on Tuesday, February 18, 2020 — the 11th day sitting — to express its sympathy through a non-binding resolution to the National People’s Congress of the People’s Republic of China (PRC).

A non-binding resolution is a written motion adopted by either House of the Liberian Legislature that cannot progress into a law.

“Mr. Presiding and fellow colleagues, I move if I can obtain a second that a non-binding resolution be written by the House of Representatives and subsequently sent to the Chinese Parliament as a way of identifying with them in these tough time,” Rep. Samuel Kogar made the motion, which was unanimously accepted.

Speaker Bhofal Chambers in a special eulogy said the expression of the House of Representatives is a manifestation of a higher purpose and, for a conscious culture, it is necessary to identify with the Chinese in these dark days.

“We pray that the losses that have engulfed [China] come to cessation and may the Great Lord shower them with blessings and may there be outpourings upon them. On this note, we say thank you for the expressions and we hope the Chinese find solace in the Lord,” Speaker Chambers said.

The House’s decision to convey a condolence to China through a non-binding resolution followed a communication from the House’s Foreign Affairs Chairman, Bomi County District #1 Representative Rep. Edwin M. Snowe, Jr.

“Statistics available to us shows that the virus claimed over one thousand seven hundred lives. The outbreak has also affected the Chinese economy, brought about  travel isolation and threatened China’s position in global trade,” Rep. Snowe said.

“Considering these unfortunate circumstances and understanding the bilateral relationship that exists between the Republic of Liberia and the People’s Republic of China, mindful of the crucial role China has played and continues to play in Liberia’s Development, I request that the House of Representatives take the requisite diplomatic steps to express solidarity with the People’s Republic of China and assure them of our support and brotherly love during this difficult time in their nation’s history.”

He added: “Mr. Speaker, we believed this is the most appropriate thing to do, as our silence now could prove dangerous for the friendship and relationship both countries now enjoy.”

Meanwhile, individually, lawmakers expressed their sympathy to China and blessing to fight the novel conoravirus.

Lofa County District #4 Representative Mariamu Fofana recounted the development of China, including the annexes of the Legislature. “China constructed this very chamber we are sitting in and besides we have Liberian students in China and Liberian business people also go to China, so what happening to China also affects us. We are so deeply sorry?”

Montserrado County District #13 Representative Edward Flomo, said the two countries have a long standing relationships, and therefore said: “We expressed our condolences over their losses and we pray that the God Almighty give them the strength and idea to fight the virus.”

Rivercess County District #1 Representative  Rosanna Schaak said: “We are sad and want to convey our condolences to the government and people to China.”

China has had mutual relation with Africa, including Liberia, and it is recorded that China was the first partner that provided US$1 million to Liberia in 2014 when Ebola broke out here.  The latest move by the House of Representatives comes when this paper, the Daily Observer, had written an editorial drawing the Liberian Government’s attention to expressing its sympathy to the Chinese even if they cannot provide money or materials to help.  So far in Africa it is Equatorial Guinea that has donated US$2 million to China to help fight the Coronavirus.


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