House Fire Kills Toddler in Ganta

Front view of the house gutted by fire in Ganta

Leaves several others homeless

A one year-old boy mysteriously died in a fire that gutted a six-bedroom house in the Congo Community of Ganta City, leaving several others homeless.

The cause of the fire is yet to be established, but one of the occupants of the house, Promise Powers, told the Daily Observer that at about 4pm, while sitting on the other side of the house, they heard an explosion within the house. But before they could make up their minds the entire house was in flames.

She said the fire incident is very mysterious to them, because the house is not connected to the electricity line and nobody was cooking in the house and so to see a fire blazing suddenly was very surprising.

She said the house is a family house, with six bedrooms and all the occupants were family and the child in question belong to one of their sisters, who also lived in the house with them.

“The little boy who died, Saye Konah, was sleeping in his mother’s room, while his twin sister, Yar Youh, was in the living room playing,” she said.

“When we came from the field, the entire building was on fire and we jumped into the living room and took the girl away,” said Thomas Teah, an eye witness.

“The fire came from the side where the boy was sleeping, so there was no way to get him out,” he added.

The body of the child was found, charred by the fire as he slept on his stomach.

Kou Dolo, mother of the deceased could not speak to the press, as she was grieving for her child. According to sources, the twins were her second born.

“We are confused and don’t know what to do, we lost our child and the house, so we are appealing to the government to come to our aid, because this is the only property our late father left,” said Powers in tears.

This is the fourth fire incident in Ganta in the last 30 days. In December last year, three houses burned down, leaving the dozens homeless and with all their belongings destroyed.

Fire almost destroyed the Dekpa Building, a multi-storey building on the main street of Ganta, but it was extinguished with fire extinguishers from the adjacent NP Gas Station.

In this recent incident that killed one of the twins, the citizens applied all efforts to extinguish the fire, but no avail, as the fire brought the building down gradually.

“If there was a fire service in Ganta, then the fire would have gone off,” said one Prince Konah, a neighbor.

“This building is gone, but we are trying to prevent the fire from reaching the adjacent house,” he said, as he flashed water on the blazing fire.

There were tears in the eyes of many who saw the remains of the boy. It appears like he lying on his stomach, sleeping, when the fire consumed him.


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