House Chief Chaplain Wants Lawmakers to Renounce Evil Ways, Put Liberia First


Barely two days in the 3rd Session of the House of Representatives, the Chief Chaplain of the House of Representatives, Rev. J. Tolbert Nyemah, has vehemently told lawmakers to renounce their evil ways, create pure-clean hearts, let go of selfish egos and exhibit the right attitudes by putting Liberia first.

Rev. Nyemah on Tuesday – the 2nd day sitting, told the lawmakers in the chamber to confess their sins and repent because “no kind of holy water, neither soap nor money” can buy repentance. In a very fierce tone, the Chief Chaplain preached from the scriptures Psalm 51:10, which reads: “Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me.”

Prayer is a part of the regular order of business of session in fulfillment of Rule 14 of the House of Representatives Rules and Procedures. The Senior Pastor of the Banjul Branch of the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World (PAW) warned lawmakers in his exhortation to desist from ritualistic killings as well as taking properties of others.

Meanwhile, after the preaching, the 73-year-old Reverend did not mince his words when he prayed to God to touch the hearts of all the 73 lawmakers to deliberate differently and distinctly as compared to the 2nd Session of 2019, putting Liberia first, going forward.

He also prayed for unity, love, and togetherness. “Sinners’ hearts are dirty, and there is no soap that cleans that unclean heart, so David asked God for forgiveness to create a new heart, a spirit of love, a spirit of unity and spirit of togetherness… You either take it or you leave, may God bless you in Jesus’ name,” Rev. Nyemah said.

In his supplication prayers, Reverend Nyemah was emphatic to call on God to pour His special grace upon the lawmakers to divert them from their usual style of deliberations in the Legislature by subordinating individual interest to fostering the interest of the state and its people.

It may be recalled that on Monday, House Speaker Bhofal Chambers in his special statement urged his colleagues to put Liberia’s first as they have taken on the role of national leadership, to strive with all their energies and mental efforts to become channels of nation-building, peace, unity, economic growth, and development.

He said it is imperative that lawmakers help in providing a brighter future for our struggling masses and generations to come. “The responsibility is inescapably ours. Without a doubt, we need to restore our great society. Constructive or positive legislative re-alignments are necessary for the process.”

He argued that now, than ever before, concrete steps must be taken for the visualization of sound economic growth. “Some areas… can profoundly and impactfully improve or expand our economy and guarantee service delivery to our people, including the forest, fishing, water and mining sectors,” the Speaker said.


  1. I thought there was no one in there to remind them of God and His laws and principles. Mr. Chaplain, I hope you were convincing enough.

  2. “F” Weah, “F” Bhofal Chambers and everyone of those bitches. They will all end up like Doe. That’s now you want to put Liberia first, you jackass Chambers? You mother fucker rouge. “F” all of you. You do not have credibility and trust. You cannot fix Liberia.

  3. turn from the devil and turn to jesus Christ he can help all people that come to him and be saved for god is of love and also war he don,t care about your name how they call you or your skin color or where you from.the best choice for the election of 2020 in America for president is saide,jr.ahmad


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