House Audit Proposed


An audit of the House of Representatives has been proposed by the Chairman of the Ways, Means, Finance and Development Planning Committee, Rep. Moses Y. Kollie amid complaints of financial malpractices and misapplication of funds to support the Liberia People Democratic Party (LPDP), which he serves as national chairman.

Rep. Kollie said his Committee welcomes a comprehensive audit by any auditing firm in order to exonerate the claims of corruption and speculations of misappropriating funds from the House of Representatives to support any political institution.

The Lofa County District #5 lawmaker made the assertions yesterday in Tuesday’s session in response to arguments from his colleagues over “corruption,” which was based on a letter from Rep. Worlea Saywah Dunah of District #7, Nimba County, accusing the Ways, Means, Finance and Development Planning Committee of incompetence over its failure to present a quarterly report.

The Lofa County lawmaker rejected the allegation of incompetence, arguing that during his one year and six months’ tenure, he has presented several quarterly reports in Executive Session of the House of Representatives.

Arguments on the floor of the Joint Chambers dictate that there is still a growing division among lawmakers, with Pro and Anti-Tyler lawmakers always on the opposite sides of every argument.

The majority lawmakers – the Anti-Tyler lawmakers who conducted parallel sessions at the Joint Chambers – said that Rep. Kollie’s Ways, Means, Finance and Development Planning Committee should be reprimanded for incompetence, while on the contrary Pro-Tyler lawmakers are calling for compassion.

Meanwhile, a letter from Nimba County District # 5 Representative Samuel G. Kogar that sought the indulgence of Plenary to mandate the Presiding Officer to replace non-functional committee chairmen and co-chairmen was endorsed by Plenary after heated arguments.

Rep. Kogar, in his letter, said the Presiding Officer should use the House’s Rule 54.2 to replace committee heads.

Rule 54.2 says that, “Should the chairperson of any committee for any cause cease to serve, it shall be the duty of the Speaker to appoint a new chairperson in consultation with the leadership of the House.”

Though the letter didn’t state which committees were nonfunctional, many believe all of them to be the Statutory/Leadership Committees, which are chaired and co-chaired by Pro-Tyler Lawmakers.

The Leadership Committees include Executive, Foreign Affairs, Judiciary; Ways, Means, Finance and Development Planning; Rules, Order & Administration; Public Accounts & Expenditure; Gender, Peace, Religious & National Security; and Lands, Mines Natural Resources and Environment.

Others are Hydro Carbon; Health & Social Welfare; Investment & Concession; and Youth & Sports.


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