HOTT TV Eyes Video, Film Awards


HOTT TV, Liberia’s premier entertainment television station, has announced the launch of the country’s first ever film and music video awards.

The awards, which will be held by the end of the year, according to its brainchild, Bernard Benson, (alias DJ Blue), is a platform to honor the best in the film and music industry for producing quality videos.

“The entertainment industry in Liberia has improved but not in terms of quality videos on a large scale. Our overall goal is to use this award platform to boost and encourage the production of quality videos in the film and music industry.

“One of the biggest benefits of this award is that winners will have their videos aired on an international platform like DSTV and Trace Africa for more exposure out of Liberia,” explained DJ Blue.

The advent of this award is an opportunity for Liberian video producers to improve on their craft in order to compete with their African counterparts in terms of visual.

On nominations and transparency, DJ Blue explained that a specialized committee will be set up to handle the nominations process and that independent auditing firms will be hired to control the online voting process.

“We want to make this award transparent the best way we can, as well as meeting international standards. The responsibility of the said committee is to handle the nominations process, based on the criteria which they will set.

“To improve transparency in the awards process, the committee will work independently, without any interference from the organizers,” he said.

DJ Blue added that the award is not only meant for Liberian-based artists but those from the Diaspora as well.


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