HOREMOW Holds Six-day “Life Changing, Preaching Crusade”

Pastor Matthew G. Zoegar, HOREMOW National Coordinator

The Liberia chapter of a nondenominational Christian ministry, Holiness Revival Movement Worldwide (HOREMOW), is expected to hold a six day crusade of life-changing and preaching in Monrovia.

The six-day event is expected to begin from March 25 thru 31, 2019, under the theme: “Invitation from Heaven” with scripture reference from the book of Isaiah 51:1-3.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with the Daily Observer on Tuesday, March 19, HOREMOW national coordinator, Pastor Matthew G. Zoegar said the purpose of the crusade is to ensure that Liberians understand the move of God and to hear crystal clear the words of God and to recognize what righteousness and holiness is all about.

The event is expected to take place at the Iron Factory Field in Gardnersville from the 25th to the 27th of March, and the remaining three days of the crusade will be held at the headquarters of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) in Congo Town. On March 31, 2019 HOREMOW’s first national combined service will be held at the Christ Generation Church on Sobane Road, Duport.

Pastor Zoegar said over the years righteousness and holiness of God has been driven away from many Churches in the country. Therefore, he added, God wants to use HOREMOW as a movement to portray holiness and righteousness throughout Liberia.

He said the crusade, which is expected to bring together people from the 15 counties, will comprise two groups of people, namely: “Those who do not have the understanding of righteousness and holiness and need Jesus Christ; and those who are self-sufficient, they are in the Church and said to themselves they have built a million dollars church for God and they have 25 thousand members, but a single soul has not been saved.”

According to him, the movement has been growing across Liberia to ensure that souls are saved. “Sometimes you are in church and already believe that you are in heaven. But unless you find the real believing and teaching of Jesus Christ and live the way He wants us to live, righteousness and holiness should be understood,” he declared.

“Many churches across Liberia today are being driven away from the truth and that is why when a true believer enters the church, they feel hurt because sanity is no longer found in the church.”

According to him, following the crusade, there will be so many changes to take place. “Husbands and wives will know what to do in their various homes. Today there are men who just divorce their wives and are married again; you see men lying with men, women  with women but, after this crusade, souls will be revived.

“The Lord wants us to ensure that many people get qualified for Heaven,” he said, adding that God has seen in the nation that righteousness and holiness has been swept out of the church. He stressed the need for Liberians to get back on their knees to ask for God’s  forgiveness.

The prophetic preacher said that, after the event, Liberians will get to know and start defining their roles in the various churches and communities. “It is good to note that I am here, to tell you that there are great things that are about to happen in this nation. This crusade that is about to take place, people will understand the move of Jesus Christ. Right now it is our understanding, from prophetic terms, that the Lard Jesus Christ is coming back,” he declared.

Pastor Zoegar assured participants of the crusade that, when they go back home, there will be total correction. “The true words of God will not be compromised; the Holy Spirit will encounter people directly,” he proclaimed.

Meanwhile, Pastor Paul Rika, International Director of HOREMOW, Evangelist Linda Rika, other invited guests from Sierra Leone, Guinea and Nigeria, are also expected to grace the occasion. HOREMOW is a nondenominational Christian ministry moving around the world and proclaiming the righteousness and holiness of Jesus Christ. The Organization has been moving around Liberia to ensure that churches, government ministries, the private sector get to know that Jesus Christ is coming soon.


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