Hope for Girls from Lebanon


After denying government’s appeal against his judgment that cleared Abbas Debes, a Lebanese national from allegations of human trafficking, Debes may likely be re-arrested following state lawyers’ request to the Supreme Court to reverse the ruling handed by Judge George Smith of the 11th Judicial Circuit Court’s.

In their request, the prosecutors want the Supreme Court to issue an extraordinary ‘writ of mandamus’ against Judge Smith, mandating him to grant their appeal.

They argued that granting an appeal is a duty imposed on a judge by Article 20 (b) of the 1986 Constitution of Liberia.

Judge Smith on Monday, August 1, in a bench trial (trial without a jury) entered a final judgment, ordering the alleged criminal defendant Abbas Debes not guilty, thereby releasing him from further detention.

Debes, along with five other defendants, were charged with multiple crimes, including human trafficking, and gang rape for their alleged role in ‘trafficking’ 14 Liberian women to Lebanon.

Prosecutors said after Judge Smith’s judgment, they did not accept his ruling and announced an appeal.

Further to their argument, prosecutors said, in criminal cases, the


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