Hope China Int’l Introduces Digital Education

Gorwor (right) said with the Launch of this World Class Idealism HOCIA assured that no more will kids will experience setback in the acquisition of education for a bright and secure future.

Hope China International Academy (HOCIA) in Collaboration with China Global Technology has introduced a modern digital education system called  ‘Classroom Away From School’ as a means of introducing a new way forward in enhancing the technological capacity of students across Liberia.

Founder and proprietor, Ramsey T. Gorwor, has recently told journalists that the introduction of the digital materials defines what the future for kids and professional men and women.

Gorwor said, “Our Educational system continues to take a hit by the civil crisis and the outbreak of deadly pandemic like the Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) of 2014 and the Novel Corona Virus pandemic of 2019 that ravished the world and impeded our Education system with schools being unable to reach out to the student’s communities. We saw primary schools being stagnated with some on the verge of closure for good because they could not keep their staff. Secondary schools, Colleges, Universities, and Technical Vocational Institutions all got entrenched losing focus due to unpreparedness to have school run amidst the COVID-19. And with no Technological know how, we all will continue to experience these visual circles that put our institutions in ridicule to the world and our kids will not be in school and parents who spend their hard dollars will not get the expected results.”

He said during the Lock-down period, academic entities were sending notes, assignments, and test scripts to students through parents, adding that students were having difficulties understanding the lessons and parents struggled to aid them to understand because they did not have the time, teaching skills, and capacity to do so.

“This was because our schools did not have any idea of operating in a 21st Century format. Most schools have no websites, well-furnished computer Laboratory, the requisite manpower, skills and on-campus WiFi for internet connectivity that helps students and staff access the internet for information and puts those students on par with their foreign counterparts,” he told journalists. 

Gorwor said: “Now, with the launch of China Global Technology Solutions-CGTS in collaboration with Hope China International Academy, we have decided to introduce a New Sensation in the Education Arena of Liberia and the World Classroom Away From School.”

He said with the launch of this World Class Idealism, HOCIA assured that no more will kids experience set back in the acquisition of education for a bright and secured future.

Gorwor said, “With the Help of China Global Technology Solution-CGTS, we are going to be providing free Quality Tablets to our students with 64GB, Sim Card port, extra Memory card capacity, and fast Internet speed with on-campus WiFi for our staff and students. With this good news our students will have the edge of learning more. The Tablets are for Educational purposes only.”

He said no social media platforms are allowed, adding that students will only access Educational materials.

Gorwor disclosed that HOCIA has Tablets for kids from 5 months to 15 years and 16 years above, noting, “Our Technical people have made sure that it is restarted. Parents can be assured of our full oversight as an App has been set up to monitor any illegal activities during the usage of our platforms. 



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