Hope China Int’l Academy Provides over 100 Tablets to Students for Technological Learning

Gowor and partners sign an agreement.

— Targets 500 students at school

The administration of the Hope China International Academy has begun providing note tablets and other learning materials to its students with the aim of transitioning to technological learning.

Hope China International Academy is owned and operated by the China Global Technology Solutions, a technology company operating in Liberia.

Ramsey Gorwor, head of the China Global Technology Solutions, stressed the urgent need for institutions of learning to adapt to various forms of technological learning as such is now dominating almost every activity of the world.

Mr.Gorwor said technological learning and devices are essential to keep students safe amid the COVID-19.

He made the comments Saturday January 9, 2021 in Paynesville, outside Monrovia where China Global Technology Solutions and another Liberian digital company, Smart Chance Group of Companies, signed a deal to build a school management system app.

The Easy Learning app will rollout this academic year at the Hope China International Academy in Paynesville.

The signing of the Easy Learning app on Saturday coincided with Hope China International Academy’s distribution of learning tablets and other materials to students for the academic year.

According to Mr. Gorwor, the distribution of the tablets and other learning materials will enhance the capacity of the students and the school will be able to raise revenue, and parents will be able to check on their children and also get digital receipts.

Gorwor said students using the app in high school will not have access to social media unless for those in universities.

He said the China Global Technology Solutions has reached out to over 100 schools and many of them have expressed great interest, indicating that “The signing of the memorandum of understanding will be a good thing for Liberian schools.”

He added that there is a need for students in high school to be able to adjust to technological learning because they will have to do assignments and also research.

He said economies are now depending on technology to improve every aspect, and therefore, students should be able to depend on technology and with the tablets and app calls “easy learning,” it will help because “it’s classroom away from school.”

According to him, students can now be home and access their notes and assignments and also do research.

Mr. Gorwor said it was observed that schools in Liberia lack the technological ability during the outbreak of the Ebola virus in 2014 and subsequently the coronavirus of 2019, which led to more schools being shut down and economies at a standstill.

“Most of the students were not going to school because schools were not prepared. The unpreparedness of schools led to most parents not getting money coupled with loss of revenue,” Mr. Gorwor said.

He urged parents and school authorities to adjust to the new technological learning environment, stating, “Most schools have experienced total downward trend financially that they are unable to operate, which show that they were hit very hard.”

He said while Liberia maybe transitioning to post coronavirus period, if care is not taken, there would be a resurgence of the pandemic and it shows that Africa is in the red zone.

For his part, Smart Chance Group of Companies Manager, Ansu Jabateh, said the Easy Learning app will enhance distance learning in the country.


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