Hope Academy Procures Books


The administration of Hope Academy School in Ganta, Nimba County has procured a large consignment of books to enable every child in their institution to have access to books and strengthen their reading skills.

Speaking to the Daily Observer in Nimba, the principal of the School, Mrs. Rachel Gbatu, said a specific number of books would be assigned to each child to be taken home for reading and research.

She said the books are to be given to the children free of charge. She expressed her desire to get parents involved in the distribution process so they could guide their children on how to use the books wisely.

“The reading ability of our children is very poor, so we have deemed it necessary to bring these books to help them improve,” she explained.

The funding for the purchase of the books was provided by the group called Ken McAllister and Friends of Canada.

Hope Academy is a faith-based primary institution catering to the needs of destitute children and is the only school in Ganta that has a limit of 30 students to each classroom.

The school is also providing internet services to students where students can easily access the internet to browse for e-books.

Meanwhile, the principal has called on parents to encourage their children to make use of the internet facility whether they are attending the school or not.   


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