Honesty the Panacea for Business, Liberia’s Success, Entrepreneur Says

Cllr. Woah at his office in Paynesville.

By David S. Menjor and Simeon Wiakanty

A Liberian businessman, Cllr. David Woah, has called on his fellow Liberians in business, politics and other sectors of the country to be honest so as to get Liberia on its true development trajectory.

Cllr. Woah is the chief executive officer (CEO) of Divine Blessing Business Center and other businesses within the business’ complex at the Police Academy junction in Paynesville, outside Monrovia.

Speaking to the Daily Observer at his office recently, Cllr. Woah said other than the business sector, trust and honesty have eroded in politics as well as the church.

“It saddens me to see Liberian owned businesses suffer as they are suffering presently. It hurts, but we are responsible, to some extent, for the slow or lack of growth and development in our country,” he said.

He noted that while it is true that many Liberians have failed to live up to the terms of agreements with banking institutions after taking loans, it is also important to understand that the interest rate and the time allotted for the installment payment of loans need to be revisited through the intervention of the government.

“It is also not correct to overgeneralize that all Liberians cannot be trusted. For some of us, I know for a fact that we care about our integrity, and so we pay back what we owe people and institutions. I, for a factual case, took US$50,000 from IB Bank and I was able to pay back even before the stipulated deadline in our agreement. I used that money and bought this place and built this three-story building. I have my own businesses now by God’s grace and I am in business to empower other people,” Woah said.

He said he chose to name his business ‘Divine Blessing Entertainment Business Complex,’ because God has done so much for him that even his entire life cannot pay back any little good from God except to worship Him while avoiding bad business practices.

“I nearly lost my life in 2015 when I went to Grand Bassa to prosecute a case on behalf of the government; the case involving ArcelorMittal and a group of Nimba citizens who reportedly destroyed the company’s properties in protest of unfair treatment. As I entered my office one day I felt pain in my body and that pain took me to health centers but without any solution. God, who knows His mission for me, led my wife to take me to Nigeria to see Prophet TB Joshua. We did not see him, even after several months in Nigeria,” he said.

He added that due to lack of money to continue his search for a remedy in Nigeria he returned to Liberia, generated some money and returned for God’s healing through Joshua’s healing ministry.

“Although I still did not see the man of God I was fortunate to have gotten some oil and water from his hand. I used those items with faith and got healed. I am so glad that because of God’s blessing I vowed to serve Him through the services I offer to my fellow human beings,” he said.

Concerning his professional life, Cllr. Woah said he was involved in business before he decided to go to law school and subsequently became a licensed lawyer. “The building of this business complex is to glorify God. This is why I allow the playing of only gospel songs. No worldly music is played in this building,” he boasted.

He said among his businesses are the Woah and Associates law firm, a mineral water company, a rice store, a bookstore, a construction company and a pharmacy that will soon be ready to serve the people.

“At the Divine Entertainment Center, we allow churches, humanitarian organizations and schools to host their functions without any cost. We sell them soft drinks, mineral water and energy drinks,” he said. According to him, there are no alcoholic beverages sold or allowed at his business center.

Meanwhile, Woah commended President Weah for his recent meeting with rice importers and others, but said only decisive actions in the interest of the country can make a greater impact on the people.

He said he is building a three-story high school and a church expected to be named ‘Divine Blessing Ministry’ along the Police Academy road and hoped to quit his legal career to focus on serving God through his investments.


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