Holding On to the Party that Let Her Go, Sirleaf Sues Boakai

Lifelong friends and teammates of 12 years, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf (left) and Joe Nyuma Boakai, might be forced to settle their scores in court.

Lawyers representing former President and standard bearer emeritus of the Unity Party (UP) Ellen Johnson Sirleaf have filed a lawsuit against former vice president and standard bearer of the party Joseph N. Boakai, alleging her expulsion orchestrated by Boakai was in violation of the UP’s Constitution and the 1986 Constitution of Liberia.

The suit before the Board of Commissioners (BOC) of the National Elections Commission (NEC) named other party’s officials also expelled and seeking legal redress were  Senator Commany B. Wesseh of River Gee County and member of the party’s executive committee, Medina A, Wesseh, ex-executive members and chairpersons on publicity committee and Patrick Worzie, acting secretary general.

The matter is expected to be heard on Tuesday, February 20, at 2pm, in the Dispute Hearing Room of the commission.

Madam Sirleaf and other party executive were expelled on January 18 of this year for allegedly violated the party’s constitution as the former president was seen campaigning with now President George Weah, who was then running under the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC( during the 2017 Presidential and Legislative elections.

“The behavior of the expelled persons… constitutes sabotage and undermined the existence of the party,” said the statement announcing the decision, which was taken by the party’s executive committee.

The lawsuit filed by the International Law Group (LLG) alleges among others the meeting which led to the expulsion of the former president and other executive members of the party was secretly held at the residence of Boakai with 31 executive members in attendance, but only 17  voted to effect said prejudicial and illegal action.

They argued that the party’s constitution provides that the National Executive Committee shall require at least 42 votes in favor to acquire the two-thirds majority of the 65 members at the time of the decision, unfortunately only a majority of 32 were at the residence of Boakai that took the expulsion action.

“The said vote cast was far less than the two-thirds majority called for by the party’s constitution to constitute a quorum to effect any major decision as enshrined in the by-laws and constitution, of which Boakai must be held liable for the illegal expulsion and gross violation of the those legal instruments of the party,” the suit filed by LLG chief of litigation, Cllr. Jonathan Massaquoi alleges.

But when contacted for comment, Unity Party spokesperson, Mo Ali denied having any knowledge about the suit filed by former President Sirleaf. He however clarified that it was the Party acting through its Executive Committee that expelled former President Sirleaf and others.

It can be recalled that on Thursday, January 14, a group of individuals described as thugs converged on the UP Congo Town headquarters to stage a protest against the expulsion of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and few other party members. The protesting group had come to read a statement debunking the expulsions but met stiff resistance from security officers and other partisans on ground according to a report carried in the January 19th edition of the Daily Observer newspaper.

Further, according to the story, protesters who besieged the party headquarters were reportedly imported from various slums communities in and around Monrovia. They were described by party officials as thugs who have no stake in the party but had come to make the vicinity chaotic and bring the institution into public disrepute.

They were said to have been led by expelled UP Acting Secretary General, Patrick Worzie and several confidantes of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, who was booted out of the Party earlier, when the protesters stormed party headquarters demanding use of the facilities to hold their press conference.

Some of those reported to have been involved in the fracas at the UP headquarters were the National Chair-lady of UP Women’s Wing, Maceatoh Wreh, former Nimba County Representative, Worlea Saywah Dunah, Assistant Minister at Transport Ministry, Kansualism Kansuah, Deputy Information Minister, Rixch Barsigiah, and several others.

The report further observed that scuffles erupted when security officers and few UP partisans who were on the ground initially resisted the entry of the group whose members were conveyed by four buses to the grounds of the headquarters.

Reacting to the expulsion at the time, the then Presidential Press Secretary Jerolimek Piah declared the party’s rules were clear on the requirement for expulsion, noting that such requirements had not been fully exhausted.

He said President Sirleaf had heard of the action against her by the party, but was focused on the conclusion of her transition. According to him the pronounced action by the UP did not deserve or require a reaction adding, “when she leaves the presidency, the party matter will be handled the party way”.

But the matter had since gone cold apparently leaving many with the impression that the issue had been laid to rest. However with this latest lawsuit seeking to reverse her expulsion, it appears that former President Sirleaf and her expelled allies have not since let go and are seemingly prepared to have the matter run its gamut including up to the Supreme Court if needs be.

It remains to be seen, however, whether this latest move on the part of former President Sirleaf will prove sufficient to compel a reversal of her misfortunes now that she is no longer president and lacks the coercive power of the office of an imperial Presidency.


  • Anthony Kokoi is a young Liberian sports writer who has an ever-growing passion for the development of the game of football (soccer) and other sports. For the past few years, he has been passionately engaged in reporting the developments of the game in the country. He is an associate member of the Sports Writers Association of Liberia (SWAL). He is a promoter of young talents. He also writes match reports and makes an analysis of Liberian Football.


  1. Ellen suing the former v.p. for what? What she could done if she had seen the V.P. Champaigning with Weah during her second term Champaign? Will she not take similar action against the V.P. for Champaigning with an opposition? You betrayed the trust and confidence reposed in you by the party. You abandoned the party by not supporting your standard bearer. You were seen openly Champaigning with Weah in Bong County during ground breaking ceremony. 16 out of 28 formed a quorum to conduct normal

  2. Has anything good ever come out of the Unity Party? The Liberian people were told in 1985 that the Unity Part was a base for economic liberalism, and centrist ideology. I m sure that was then, during the faithful days of Dr. Edward Beyan Kessely, Tuan Wreh and others “old Giants”. However; the Liberian people, for the past 27 plus years, have gotten used to a group of disgruntle anarchists. The UP is now known for blowing the DOG WHISTLE, for gathering combatants, ready for squaring things out at the expense of the Liberian people.

    Let all Liberians hope that this latest between these two old-age friends, should only stop at their respective door steps, not to spread to the Liberian people. Such a development, will have a lasting negative impact on our fragile peace. It is a known fact that most, if not all of our political problems of today, were created sometimes back some 30 to 40 years ago by our own politicians. I m just a silent whistle blower.

  3. Ellen’s constitutional violations is not only the Unity Party. It had been proven even with the Country constitution.
    Apparently, the Mo Ibrahim award is turning her eyes that’s why she is going to court.
    Think, love and build LIBERIA

  4. The case of the unwilling divorcee, or what?! I’m scratching my head on this one. There may or may not be legal issues involved here, but if my jou doesn’t want me any more, what’s with using legal means to keep her?! Best we part ways oh!

  5. Madam Sirleaf, not everything you do to Liberia and the people of Liberia will always go unpunished. You were one of the orchestrators of the civil crisis in Liberia with your own words that “BURN MONROVIA DOWN, WE WILL REBUILD IT”; while people were dying. Yet the same people turned around and rewarded you with the highest office of the country for 2 terms of the presidency. As old as you are, you are not still tired of causing confusion. In the last days of your terms, you decided to abandoned the party that supported you for two terms. You better let sleeping dog lie. If you want to pull rope, you will pull yourself into the streamline that you yourself will regret. This time the people will not let you go without some kind of repercussion. If I were you, I would go quietly into retirement. Thank you

    • That old lady is very vindictive and unforgivable my brother
      And this law suit against her old time friend (if indeed it is really true) has clearly revealed her intention towards the Unity Party – “DESTROY AND DECIMATE IT FOR GOOD, now that I fully gotten what I wanted”

  6. The woman is just an established fussy woman, confusionist and trouble maker. Always fighting people. Pure ghetto behavior, always wanting to be right, never mind how dearly it cost others or the Country. Wow!

    • That fussy woman is one of the main reason Liberia got a democratic government today….all her so-called fussing was about a government that the people can not be fearful of…that is not killing people, that is not suppressing their basic freedoms but a Liberia where you can say anything about the government and government officials without being killed or thrown in jail…that’s what this so-called fussy woman have achieved for Liberia..

      • Smith, no one is talking about anybody fusing, its about someone who told the people that she was going to support a younger generation, and abandoned people who were there when she needed them.

  7. Politicians of Liberia, it is time to put the pass behind us, maintain our fragile peace to move the country forward.
    If there are inner problems with individuals or parties, let these be settled in house amicably than bring one another to public ridicule.
    This is the only country we will and cannot be deported from, and not willing again to go exile in the name of “Political Differences”
    Peace be unto us all for the development of Mama Liberia.
    “Grand Gedeh County–PEACE ACTOR”

  8. She has enough money now to sue but it will do her nothing. This is why she got the prize to bring chaos on the country. This woman is pure evil. Boakai and UPP stand firm. Let her join CDC

  9. Darn..ignorant Liberians…this is a compliant to the Board of Commissioners (BOC) of the National Elections Commission (NEC)..it’s not a court to sue anyone in….you can not so-called sue someone to the Elections Commission.

    • Mr. Smith, yes, it is a compliant, but read the heading of the article that the daily observer posted before you call anybody ignorant. “Lawyers representing former President and standard bearer emeritus of the Unity Party (UP) Ellen Johnson Sirleaf have filed a lawsuit against former vice president and standard bearer of the party Joseph N. Boakai, alleging her expulsion orchestrated by Boakai was in violation of the UP’s Constitution and the 1986 Constitution of Liberia”. Based on the heading I believe that this is a court case, because, if the verdict is not accepted by anybody, the next place will be the Supreme Court . Also I don’t know about you, but if someone say they don’t want you, why will you want to force yourself on them.

  10. Bah,
    After a 7-week hiatus, you made it back. Welcome back! Hope you didn’t take a short hop to Liberia. But if you did, it’s all good.
    Is there a Liberian embassy in Sidney? That would be a good way to get in gouch you directly. Hope you’re doing well.


  11. Did ex-President Ellen johnson-Sirleaf really sues Unity Party and former Vice President
    Joseph N. Boakai? Yes! Ellen johnson-Sirleaf is really showing who she really is! No
    shame and dried face! No respect for anybody but herself!

    In the Holy Bible it is said that first remove the rafter from your eyes before telling your
    brother or friend to remove the straw in his eyes. Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf fought against
    Unity Party and former Vice President Joseph N. Boakai in violation of the Party Constitution
    for her lack of loyalty and support to them. Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf was, in fact, the one
    woman who elected the CDC and its candidate. So, why is she crying now? For Unity Party
    and former Vice President to do her good; whereas, when it was her time to do them good
    she denied them? So, she is the only one people should do good?

    Did she forgot just before the October, 2017 elections she called all the NEC Chairman, staffs
    and workers to her private home during which meeting she firmly told them that her choice
    was the CDC candidate and the only way he could win is to allow all the young people to
    vote and disallow the older people by sending them away from voting? The mere fact that she
    could called a private meeting at her private home where no other persons were allowed to
    enter except the personnel of the NEC proved clearly that she persuaded them as such. Why
    she couldn’t hold that meeting in a public arena?

    But former President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf is known very well as the one who initiated corruption
    in Government in Liberia when she bribed the Legislators to remove the sitting Speaker of the
    House of Representatives- Hon. Edwin Melvin Snowe. And she went on to bribe the Legislators
    with NOCAL money only to declare it bankrupt. She shamelessly left office as President with
    little over 85% unemployment. These and other acts inimical to the welfare of the Liberian
    people and the nation she must be made to account to set an example in motion in Liberia’s

    The fear now is: “Will the Government of CDC be different from that of Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf?

  12. Go and sit down. I don’t think you want to get your last respect from the Liberian people. You stole our country money and you give it to your notorious son Robert Sirleaf. Shame on you and children both internationally and nationally. May God punish you and your children.

  13. The party is not yet on life support. But, it’s coming. If I could stop the party’s demise, I’d try my level best to stop such an impending calamity. All that could be said at the present time is that the party is undoubtedly dying a slow death.

    Suing the former vice president is pure buffoonery. The former VP, J. Boakai is not the supreme leader of the party. Boakai would have been the leader had he won. But, Johnson-Sirleaf did not want to see that happen.

    Let’s take a quick look at her authoritarian discretions:
    1. Without being goaded by Boakai or others in the UP, Johnson-Sirleaf went ballistic in 2017 after her return from a UN conference in New York . She declared that African states would be better off with younger presidents than with older ones. Let’s not forget that when she made that outlandish statement, Johnson-Sirleaf was a sitting president at a tender age of 78 years. If she felt strongly about that terrifying statement, why didn’t she resign?

    2. While the presidential campaign was in high gear, and while not showing foresight, Johnson-Sirleaf defiantly endorsed Opong Weah, a leader of the opposition CDC. By endorsing Weah, she immediately became an apostate.

    3. Johnson-Sirleaf campaigned with Weah in Bong county during a ground-breaking ceremony. But she had refused earlier to campaign for or with Boakai, her loyal VP who stood by her side since the rock of ages and

    4. After Johnson-Sirleaf was expelled from the UP, a group of young men and women resembling a Boko Harem mindset, stormed the party’s headquarters to demand her re-instatement. Instead of protesting in a Demoncratic fashion, the Johnson-Sirleaf loyalists became violent.

    Is Johnson-Sirleaf a charlatan?

    Does Johnson-Sirleaf possess a
    depraved mind?

    Does Johnson-Sirleaf really want to pulverize the party that supported her for 12 odd years?

    Does Johnson-Sirleaf possess an insatiable appetite for destruction and

    Does Johnson-Sirleaf have the interest of Liberia at heart?

    May God bless Liberia.

  14. This woman should be happy that the party only kicked her out. Now she wants to bribe people in the party because she has the prize money. Old Lady, the outside world may think you are something and your lobbyist will try to make black look like white, but you are an evil and wicked women. You destroyed our country and now trying to buy your legacy. Go sit down somewhere and sing songs with Ibrahim and spend your money with your crowd of girls. Nobody cares about you. Boakai should look at your and laugh, trying to be relevant when you are irrelevant.

  15. I wonder if any one of you remember former President Sirleaf goal and ideology about political leadership in the country? Understand that we live in a male dominating world, where every aspect of life in the public sector is controlled and run by the male population. The former president had a deal with the Mr. Boakai to pick a female as his running mate but Mr. Boakai went against her main objective on gender equality. By choosing male figure to be his running mate made it clear that Mr. Boakai was not a promoter of gender equality. President Sirleaf was not just a LIB president but someone who is deeply rooted in the promotion of gender right and Mr Weah did what the president had lobbied throughout her administration; that is Weah picked a woman as his running mate. That my friend was a big deal for a woman who wants to see many women in public arena. Since her presidency as the first female head of state in Africa, many women have develop the confident that they too can have a shot at the higher office that had for generation, been a man’s job. The president continue to encourage women to contribute to public service and not just leave it up the men to have it their way. She had strengthen woman like VP Taylor to seek any higher office that was once controlled by only male leadership. Mrs. Sirleaf is a promoter of gender right not your typical politician and if Mr. Boakai does not support equal right for woman but only try to promote the status quo, then the two leader will have problem getting along. Madam Sirleaf does not care about party but rather the right for women to pursuit the same avenue as do the men do. Sirleaf does not support CDC leadership but CDC has done what the president want for every girl and woman in the country that is, the promotion of women leadership which VP. Taylor is the clear recipient. Any leader that support women rights will receives the former president support but unfortunately Mr. Boakai does not support the idea of women leadership and there by he did not get the support of Madam Sirleaf it was just that simple.

  16. I will like to commend all those that have contributed to this discussion and let us all be grateful and live to enjoy this great freedom where we can be critical of our leaders and not suffer from intimidation. I am confident that this issue will be settled and the two will put Liberia first not their individual ego.
    If Washington is correct and if Mrs Sirleaf and Mr. Boakai had good understanding during the past 12 years, why did Mr. Boakai failed to go thru with their agreement? Was Mr. Baokai telling her boss that he is in control or that he could not find a qualified woman as his running mate?
    Let me conclude that in more developed countries like the US, political leaders of one party have openly campaigned for an opponent candidate and have gone on without losing the party membership. Though you may not like her action to support the opposite candidate, she has the right to vote for candidate that convinces her that Liberia will continue on the forward March. There are no angry words to deface her legacy as the first female head of state in Africa and the Democratic principles she graced the political landscape in Liberia, in particular but more so for Africa in general.

  17. John Yanguba,

    Will it be possible for you to give a name of a US president who openly campaigned for a member of the opposition? I eagerly await you response!


    Mr. Washington…….

    If Johnson-Sirleaf told VP Boakai to enlist a female as his vice presidential running mate, she made a mockery of herself and Liberian demoncracy. Also, if that’s why Johnson-Sirleaf did not endorse former VP Boakai during the campaign, she really, really exposed herself as a gluttonous potentate.

    My reason?

    The reason is that the interest of a nation is more important than a leader’s self-interest. It is un-stateswoman-like to throw her political weight around like that.

    Johnson-Sirleaf must be told plainly that she cannot exert an existential control on the Liberian people. Liberians do not want to be held hostage by her whims. By the way, Washington, what did Johnson-Sirleaf do specifically for women during her tenure? Are women on a par with their male counterparts in Liberia?

    Please respond.

  18. “Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf was, in fact, the one woman who elected the CDC and its candidate”.

    Brother Allison Tarlue,
    Unless you’re implying that the power and clout of EJS kept NEC neutral, convinced PYJ, and swayed some big UP and LP partisans and her supporters into the CDC Coalition, you would need to rethink the word “elected” here. Because, as results of the 2005 and 2011 elections clearly showed, CDC has always been a formidable party, a government-in-waiting, so to speak. What catapulted it to a 61% decisive victory in 2017 was mainly a successful alliance, eventually, with other significant parties.

    Remember, it is the likelihood of a CDC victory – reportedly forecast by polls conducted in Liberia she requested – that led this calculating unsentimental politician to abandon Brumskines’LP. Indeed, you did witness the furious frothing from the mouth of an abandoned overambitious cousin. (By the way, all successful politicians are unsentimental and calculating: Trade Craft of a profession where more often than not, ends justify means).

    The above response is simply to clarify a confusing word choice in that context.

    As for EJS’s action against her former vice president, regardless of whether it’s a matter of princinple directed at an ‘unconstitutional’ ouster in a dying UP she did most to bring back to life, lawsuit compounds a delicate situation. The matter ought to be handled out of court between these old pals with long-standing common friends. Party politics aside, our restless young adults in Liberia crave role models, and both are role models no matter what many of us think or say.

    To end, EJS has accomplished the impossible for an African woman, and is an “elderly stateswoman” evidently from keeping us safe, handing over peacefully, and from all those honors received at home and, especially, abroad. The once driven achiever knows this more than anybody, and should not forget that. So, now of all moments, our elederly statewoman ought to not only be above the “fray”, but must also be heard of as being beyond the sound and fury of the maddening crowd. Well, what do we know – just whistling in the wind.

  19. It is highly unlikely that Johnson Sirleaf could have become president of Liberia had there not been a bloody 14-year “uncivil” war. More significantly, the destruction of Liberia brought a sense of awakening after the war. Example, on a very minute scale, Liberians didn’t have as many motor bikes as the country does today. Also, although there were Liberian market women before the bloody unrest, however, there are probably three times as many market women today than ever before in our country’s history. When I left Liberia years ago, our country’s native women didn’t do as much business as business is being done today. Finally, if a guy had been elected president instead of Johnson-Sirleaf, there is no way on God’s planet earth that the male president would refuse to step down at the end of his presidency. Times change. When times change, a sense of awakening occurs.

    For all intents and purposes, I hope I am not being construed as a hater of Johnson-Sirleaf. God, you know my heart even if all mankind cannot come to grips with that reality. Neither do I wish in any conceivable way to be understood as minimizing Johnson-Sirleaf’s importance. Being a leader is rough, especially of a country that has had a bloody uncivil war! Frankly, Johnson-Sirleaf has tried her best given the circumstances. I can write a litany of things she’s done.

    But, the truth must not be withheld. She is not the envy of most Liberian women in Liberia. Example, Robtel N. Pailey, an Oxford trained Liberian academic is very critical of Johnson-Sirleaf despite the fact that Pailey worked in her government.
    Most women would have liked for the idea of female circumcision to be a hot agenda item in Johnson-Sirleaf’s 12-year government. She did not bother to deal with it until a few weeks before she departed the throne. When one calculates all the mishaps of hers, the sum will amount to a 100lb bag of issues.

    Her endorsement of Weah was treacherous. Her refusal to campaign for her VP was ill-advised. Her supporters stormed the party’s headquarters with vengeance. That was childish! Finally, she has filed a suit against Boakai because of her expulsion from the UP. Let’s lay the cards out and be straightforward.
    Johnson-Sirleaf (was)(is) not the quintessential female role model.

  20. She’s digging her own grave. Why can’t she let sleeping dog lie? It’s time to bring her to justice and she’s initiating it. Her main aim for suing was to destroy the party and I think Unity Party should counter-sue her. She’s a guerilla preparing to go into exile to enjoy her bounties. Finish her before she finishes the country. She doesn’t love peace and want to destroy the party and also throw the country into turmoil before her departure. DO NOT GIVE HER CHANCE. TAKE ALL THE MONIES FROM HER BEFORE SHE LEAVES.

  21. The American folks’ song says it all: “It’s A Thin Line; Between Love And Hate”. At President Weah’s Inauguration, EJS and her VP, JNB sat side by side; yet, they couldn’t see eye to eye. Again, this is Liberia. We are still trying to put the PUZZLES together. LOL!

  22. Everything one do on this earth, one should have in mind that you will get paid one day….Madam Ellen you will get ur pay one day for ur arts.

  23. Madam Sirleaf needs to retire from all activities of UP. She decided to do so during the 2018 Elections so why is she desiring to be restore into ta party that she once considered as nothing to be associated with? Any attend to restore her into the party, there will be a strong resistant. I sin goes unpunished.

  24. Mr. F.Hney,
    This is Bah. I m trying to make it to Liberia, as I earlier told you. However; I will be there by mid March. I have taken off sometime to read other bloggers’ comments on our beloved Liberia and the political scene.

    I read your comment on the “demise of the Unity Party”. I was appalled by your choice of word you used. By comparing youth demonstrations at the Unity Party headquarter as Boko Haram. Can we also say that those were demonstrating at the NEC headquarter against NEC’s decision against Unity Party for the date of the re-running of the election in December , actions resembled The Lord’s Resistance Army of Joseph Kony in Northern Uganda? We have the right to criticize any group(s), of people that we deem are counter productive to peace in Liberia, but comparing peaceful Liberian protesters to terrorists group, is just not right. No one was killed, no one was injured, and there was no lost of property. I know the party of your choice didn’t win the election, however; Sir, there is one party we all belong to: the Republic of Liberia. Peace in Liberia, is all good minded Liberians craved.

    Calling other Liberians the name of terrorists group(s), will not do us any good. There are so much blames to be spread all around. I know you are a Christian, or gravitate toward Christianity, like some Liberians do. Please read the Book of John 8:7

  25. Bah, it’s my hope that I will get in touch with you pretty soon. If there is a Liberian embassy in your area, I will send some valuable info to you via the embassy.

    The UP is not my party. I was supportive of Boakai because I believed in my heart that he could do a fine job. Well, he didn’t win. We all have a moral obligation to work with the Weah-Taylor team for the purpose of making Liberia a very good country. If you have been reading my comments, I have become very defensive of the Weah-Taylor team. Weah made a touchdown. Weah reached out to Boakai in professional demoncratic fashion. I was very proud of him for what he did. As matters pertain to the presidential campaign of 2017, it’s all over with. Bah, there is no reason to re-visit the past.

    With regard to the Boko Harem reference I made that you are reminding me about, I’d like to historicize an occasion in our country’s past. You don’t need the lecture. I also know that you’re a smart young man. I would like you to know what motivated me when I made the Boko Harem connection. Charles Taylor and others fought a bloody, senseless war for a very long time. As you know, Liberia was destabilized for a very long time. Most Liberians if not all of us were affected. My oldest sister died in the Bong Mines area. When my mother who lived with me in Chicago heard the sad news, she cried and cried. Guess what? My mom died less than a year after my sister’s death.
    Okay, so it’s good for protesters to express themselves. To the extent that protesters will storm a party headquarters and demand something to be done immediately, one wonders whether that reckless behavior was not orchestrated by some “higher ups” in the UP. That was wrong, Bah. If you have two spades of cards in your hand, you’ve got spades, not kings, Bah. Call it what it is. People have a right to protest. But a protest must be carried out in a non-violent fashion. When I see people cross a line that shouldn’t be crossed, I will do what it takes to curtail their destructive activity. Boko Harem’s mindset is based on violence, nothing good. When others on this blog accused you of not being a genuine Liberian, I defended you from head to toe, right? I defended you because they were wrong.

    During the brief time of Jesus’s ministry on earth, the Sanhedrins caused problems of all kinds. They wanted to entrap Him so as to defame His Messianic ministry. Most of those Sanhedrins, if not all of them, were hypocrites. Nicodemus and Joseph of Arimathea were hardcore Pharisees and members of the Sanhedrin council. They requested the body of Christ from King Herod and the Roman authorities to give Christ a good burial.

    You quoted a scripture. I read it. I am familiar with the Bible, Bah. But I have two important questions:
    1. What was the Biblical reference for, John 8:7 and
    2. Why are you upset about the Boko Harem comment that I made?

  26. Bah,
    You did not quote me verbatim on how I used Boko Harem. In other words, your understanding and interpretation of how I used those two dreaded words was wrong.

  27. Bah,
    You did not quote me verbatim on how I used the words Boko Harem. In other words, your understanding and interpretation of how I used those two dreaded words was wrong. Furthermore, you have contorted my ideas in a way that could provoke anger in the minds of people. Realistically, storming the headquarters of a major political party violently, is uncivil. That is precisely what those young men and women were instructed to do. What is hard to believe is that you’re blaming me for expressing my freedom of speech instead of focusing on the contemptible actions of those who went berserk in that particular incident. Where’s your outrage? Or do you think violent protests are protected by the constitution? I would like to be informed anytime if I step on your toe or anyone else’s. But I do not want to be misquoted. I am sure you won’t want to be misinterpreted as well.

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