HOCIA Eases Parents’ Financial Burdens

Mr. Gorwor (r) presents a full package to one of the parents.

A newly established school in Du-port Road community, Hope China International Academy (HOCIA) has provided full package of educational materials to the students on a non-cost basis to ease financial burdens on the parents.

HOCIA is a local nursery and primary institution that aims to offer quality education.

While presenting gifts to the parents on behalf of their children, HOCIA founder and proprietor, Ramsey T. Gorwor, assured the parents that the school will provide quality education at an affordable cost to them.

Packages he presented to the students included copybooks, workbooks, books bags ,Physical Education (PE) and regular uniforms and other instructional materials.

Gorwor said the provision of such free packages will not only be for this academic year, but will continue during next academic calendar.

“These are prescribed school materials parents have to spend thousands of dollars to acquire, but we have come to give them to you ‘free-of-charge’ and not just for 2018/2019 Academic Calendar,” he said.

Gorwor, a former Liberian journalist, said that the vision to educate Liberian kids is a cause he would forever stand to defend, “because of the many turbulent times I endured in my desire to acquire education due to my poor parental background.”

According to him, as the founder and proprietor of HOCIA, he will live to reduce the burden parents encounter to educate their children.

Mr. Gorwor is not alone in his quest to educate some of the underprivileged children, but works with an ever potent team in the absence of aid from anywhere, or anyone as many might have perceived.

The school is named Hope China International Academy, because the People’s Republic of China (PRC) inspired him to some large extent.

A representative of the parents, Emmanuel W. Mitchell, who received the package on behalf of his colleagues, thanked Mr. Gorwor for establishing the institution that has drastically reduced burdens from parents in the mist of the economic hardship.

Mitchell said with such a huge help the institution has given to parents, they will help them to secure the future of the children.


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