HipCoATL FT. Jasmine Burke Kicks Off New Single, “Take Ova”

Jasmine Burke

Worldwide release September 13th, 2019 available on all streaming services

HipcoATL and artist Jasmine Burke announce the release of their newly anticipated song, “Take Ova”. Take Ova is world music with a fusion of HipCo, pop, afro beat, and R&B. The single will be available Friday, September 13th on all streaming services. The track is produced by Jeni Entertainment (Frank Norman and Church Boy) and written by Liberian songwriter Cyrus DeShield.

Jasmine Burke is an award-winning American Actor, Filmmaker, Author and a Harvard film student. Currently starring as the mischievous Dr. Christie in Bounce TV’s #1 rated original drama “Saints and Sinners”. You may have seen Jasmine co-starring in Fox’s Star, VH1’s Drumline: A New Beat, and Own’s Love Is, just to name a few. Recently appearing on Sister Circle, Jasmine announced her return to the music industries.

Jeni Entertainment mission is to brand the visual elements of sound, rhythm, and culture of Liberia (Africa) through music and aspirations for a better tomorrow.

HipcoATL is a project that started in 2017 with a vision of “bridging the gap” between Liberian and United States artists. Frank Norman, owner and president of Jeni Entertainment, co-produced with producers Carnele Hudson (Church) and James Phillips (LRoc) a music compilation with artists from both countries.

The compilation consists of 16 songs by artists signed to major and independent labels. The album intertwines a part of Liberia’s heritage of sounds, rhythm and lyrics. Each artist highlights their unique experiences and culture differences of what “bridging the gap” between countries means to them.

The HipcoATL project continues to inspire bridge opportunities of expansion to national and international tours, short stories, plays, reality shows and movies.

When Jasmine isn’t in front of the camera acting or in the studio recording music, she is behind the screens writing and producing films. In 2010, Jasmine won “Best Director” at the Women in Film and Television International Film Festival for her directorial debut entitled “Lucky Lotto”.

In 2018, she released her motivational book called “Work Your Audition”. This book is a self-help guide for actors\actresses eager to improve their chances in booking the job. In her passion to help other actors, Jasmine is well involved in the Atlanta community. She is the founder of MintyFestival.org, a non-profit organization that mentors film students at Clark Atlanta University and Georgia State University.


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