High Turnout At Nimba District # 4 Election Re-run

Voters waiting patiently inline in Bongarplay rerun election

Several detained for trying to vote twice

There was high turnout at the Nimba County District # 4 rerun election held on Tuesday, October 17 in one of the precincts in the town of Beo Bongarplay near the border with Ivory Coast.

The voting was peaceful and held under tight security, with armed police officers patrolling the town to ensure that there was law and order.

The heavy security presence resulted from the disruption of the October 10 election by citizens who said the NEC failed to open one of the four polling places in the precinct.

In an interview the Town Chief of Beo Bongarplay, Jimmy Y. Karnue, told the Daily Observer that the first poll was cancelled because two of the eight ballot boxes were missing, for which a candidate for representative filed a protest to the NEC.

“Only three of the four polling places’ materials were brought on the main election day and many people could not find their names on the voters roll,” he said.

“Moreover, telling people about their names not being on the roll led to noise and confusion among the voters,” he added.

Security officers waiting outside the polling center with those arrested for trying to vote twice sitting on the ground

Meanwhile, the result from the rerun election in Bongarplay as reported by the NEC shows candidate Gunpue Kargon of the MDR garnering 1,025 votes, while incumbent Garrison Yealue received 74, with the remaining votes shared among the other candidates.

Beo Bongarplay has 1,863 registered voters, according to the NEC.

Voting was also held in one of the polling places in Dulay, District # 3, as part of the rerun due to discrepancies over six ballot papers discovered with presiding officer (PO) Josephus Cooper.

According to information reaching the Daily Observer, the PO allegedly marked the six ballot papers in favor of the UP candidate, which led to confusion among poll watchers representing the various political parties.

Meanwhile at the October 17 rerun election in Beo Bongarplay, police detained several men who were trying to vote for the second time.


  1. I think to help reduce this too many voters complaining that poll workers says “your name not on the Final Registration Roll”; every Magisterial county should have it own DATA CENTER as in the case of ELECTION’S RESULT.
    This will massively help reduce some of these problem.


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