High School Tournament Kicks Off in Ganta

Baptist High School and Mission International School battling in the kick-off match in Ganta

An inter-high school league aimed at bringing Liberians together to unite for peace and foster development has kicked off in Ganta, Nimba County.

Samuel Hardt, head of the organizing committee, said the tournament will be played in all six cities including Ganta, Sanniquellie, Saclepea, Tappita, Karnplay, and Bahn in Nimba so as to enable all the high schools to participate.

He said winners from these six cities or centers will converge in Ganta for a grand finale. “The phase one involves 28 high schools from within Ganta and its environs”, he said.

“Each school is receiving two sets of jerseys for both football and kickball teams, with a football.  Unlike regular tournaments wherein there is a gate intake, this tournament does not have, but all will walk in freely to witness the games to their pleasure.  The tournament is totally free, we providing drinking water for every participating team,” the head of the organizing committee told the Daily Observer.

Mr. Hardt noted that at the end of each phase, the first and second winners of each sport will receive a trophy, cash prize, and medals.

Mr. Samuel Hardt said the tournament is fully sponsored by Rep. Jeremiah Koung of Electoral District #1 in Nimba.  Representative Koung is one of those who has expressed his desire to contest the pending senatorial election pending for October this year.

This tournament is going to be the largest inter-high school league in Nimba, involving all the senior high schools in the county.


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