High Performing School in Desperate Need of Library, Laboratory

-Despite excelling in WAEC; has plans for WASSCE

Principal Cedric B. Jimmie, now Acting DEO of Tappita Education District #2

Despite excelling in the just ended annual West African Examination Council (WAEC) examination as one of the best performing schools in Liberia, Toweh Memorial High in Toweh Town, Nimba County, is said to be without a library and laboratory to enhance the school’s academic activities.

New Yourpea Public School and the annex.

Speaking to reporters in Toweh Town recently, the principal, who is also acting District Educational Officer, Mr. Cedric B. Jimmie, said the school needs a library and laboratory to properly address the educational needs of the students.

Although staff members are doing their best to equip the students educationally to enable them to make a successful pass in WAEC and other public tests, Mr Jimmie said the lack of these facilities is hampering their efforts.

“We are doing our best to equip our students for the WAEC in the absence of these facilities by conducting study classes for 12th and 9th graders,” he said.

Toweh Memorial High is among Liberian several schools with a 100 percent pass rate among 12th graders in the 2016 WAEC exams.  Mr. Jimmie said the school is hoping to attempt the WAEC A-levels.

Commenting on the lack of a laboratory, Jimmie said the school is only able to provide theory coursework for students, leaving the practical aspects undone owing to the lack of a science laboratory.

He said having a laboratory would help the school reach the A-levels of the West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE).

According to the acting DEO, Toweh Menorial is one of 31 public and 3 private schools in the Tappita Education District #2 that lacks teaching and other educational materials, including benches.

Although 90 percent of the school’s 221 teachers are on government payroll, he said school supplies are inadequate, which makes it sometimes difficult for teachers to perform their duties.

“There are no benches for schools in this district. Only Toweh Memorial High received some quantities of benches under the administration of Dr. Joseph Korto when he was Minister of Education,” he added.

Owing to the influx of students in the district, most of the public schools this reporter visited, including New Yourpea, Beatuo, Sarlay and others, were buidling annexes to the school to accommodate the extra students.


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