Hi-tech School for Girls in the Offing


The Office of Vice President Joseph Nyumah Boakai, Sr. says it has entered into collaboration with F-SHAM of Faith School for Girls.

The F-SHAM of Faith School for Girls is a Foundation for Women and EDIFY, an education partner in Liberia that will provide funding to transform F-SHAM into a high technology school for girls in the country.

The high technology school, according to a statement, will be the first kind of low-fee independent school for girls.

A release quotes the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Founder of the Foundation for Women, Madam Deborah Lindholm as saying that the transformation of F-SHAM will involve a refurbishment of the physical structure and interior courtyard with additions that will include two state-of-the art computer labs and the use of solar panels to harvest the energy of the sun and provide clean electricity for these labs and other needs for the school, eliminating the expensive use of generator.

Accordingly, the high technology upgrade will include the latest technology computers with high speed internet, video connection possibilities worldwide, access to global software and teaching support, and the transformation of the school’s accounting system and practices.

Moreover, Madam Lindholm said the school will benefit students of F-SHAM, the teaching and administrative staff, and the community as the computer labs will be accessible outside of school hours to the surrounding community.

F-SHAM was chosen for this special project due to its history of academic excellence as well as committed founders and staff; their willingness to grow beyond the present reality of education in Liberia, particularly for girls.

The FFW is a registered non-governmental organization (NGO) that has been operating in Liberia since 2007 providing microfinance support to more than 10,000 women in more than 250 communities. FFW activities cover 14 of the counties where it has also provided microfinance support to 15 low –fee independent school operators to enhance education in Liberia.


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