Hernia International Conducts Free Surgeries in Ganta


For those with a hernia and thyroid

A team of Spanish doctors, representing a charitable organization known as “Hernia International” in collaboration with the Esther and Jerelyn (E&J) Hospital in Ganta are carrying on free surgical operations in Ganta on people with a hernia and thyroid, which is commonly known as Gaitor.

The team, comprising of seven surgical doctors from Spain arrived in the country on Saturday, January 26, and began operations on Sunday, January 27, where about 400 patients are expected to benefit.

According to the Chief Medical Doctor of E&J Medical Center Dr. Peter George, the Spanish doctors are expected to conduct the free medical service for a week, beginning last Sunday.

He said, upon their departure, another team of doctors from the USA will be coming into the country to assess the E&J facility, but could not reveal whether this US team will conduct surgery.

When the Daily Observer visited the hospital’s compound, the Out-patients Department was overcrowded with a hernia and thyroid patients, while others were still coming to get registered for the operation.

There are some Liberian doctors working alongside the visiting Spanish doctors for experience gaining or to get themselves acquainted, the Daily Observer was informed.

Women with an umbilical hernia as well as children with a hernia were among the patients undergoing the free surgical operation.

“We have about 600 patients registered to undergo this operation and more are still coming,” said one of the nurses, who is in charge of the registration.

Since 2017, the E&J Hospital has been partnering with Hernia International for a free surgical operation on people with a hernia, but, looking at the increase in thyroid cases across Liberia, the organization deems it necessary to include “Thyroid” in the program, a representative said.

Several countries, including Germany, USA, England, Slovenian have been sending doctors since the program began in 2017. There was happiness in the faces of those who successfully went under the operation.

Dopoe Kpahn, a hernia patient said, “I am very happy because it took me 12 hours in bed after I underwent the operation.”

However, Dr. George, who is also a member of Hernia International has assured of continuing the surgery along with his Liberian colleagues, upon the departure of the visiting doctors.


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