“Herbalist Tamba’s Presence is Like Fool’s Gold”

Grand Kru County, District #2 Rep. J. Fonati Koffa's words of encouragement to LIBTELCO comes after some critics have expressed doubt concerning LIBTELCO's capability to operate as a GSM Company.

 — Rep. Koffa  Differs with Senator Coleman on Primitive Method of Criminal Justice

A member of the Grand Kru County Legislative Caucus, Rep. J. Fonati Koffa of District #2, has provided a dissenting opinion, differing with the Caucus Chairman, Sen. Peter Coleman, that the Caucus supports traditional herbalist Tamba Bundoo to cleanse Chenakaleh, Picnicess through ‘primitive method’ as a means of rendering justice for alleged witchcraft activities.

Traditional herbalist Tamba Bundoo, also called ‘Witch Doctor’, has been in Grand Kru County since August 19, on invitation by Superintendent Doris N. Ylatun to cleanse Chenakaleh, Picnicess from  alleged witchcraft and other demonic activities, but his ministration was recently halted by the Ministry of Internal Affairs over complaints of scary and strange outcomes of primitive justice.

Sen. Coleman told Grandcess Radio in Grand Kru that former Grand Kru County Traditional Chief Swen Wleh will lead a delegation from Monrovia to Grand Kru to guide the process of Tamba’s ministration, while police will be deployed to provide protection.

But Rep. Cllr. Koffa, contrarily, said the presence of the herbalist is like a fool’s gold.

He wrote his dissent on his Facebook page: “The presence of a herbalist in Picnicess is like a fool’s gold. It is not likely to lead to discoverable evidence. As a Catholic and a lawyer, l must object. As a member of the caucus I did not participate in that decision. I respect whatever motives may have impelled the decision. Yet we cannot resort to primitive methods for criminal justice. I most respectfully dissent.”

Sen. Peter Coleman

Several other persons on social media expressed their concurrence against the primitive method of justice, including Rufus Bongpekin Oulabo, who commented under Cllr. Koffa’s post: “You’ve won my respect 110 percent, Hon. Cllr. J. Fonati Koffa. The criminal justice procedures should be followed in dispensing cases of all nature in this contemporary time.”

Journalist Samuel Doe, head of the Southeastern Journalists noted: “Congratulation for releasing this post because many thought that it was a unanimous decision reached by the entire Grand Kru legislative caucus members. Those that accepted such a primitive practice or idea to identify witchcrafts in the county are enemies of the county.

Senior staff reporter of the Democrat Newspaper, Siafa Jallah added his words: “In this modern age!! Our people need awareness to make use of the judicial process!!”

Meanwhile, it has been reported that at least 40 persons have died from alleged mysterious killing or witchcraft activities in Chenakaleh over the years, with the most recent death being a Catholic church leader in Picnicess, Brother Joseph Nyenplue.

Grand Kru County Superintendent Doris N.  Ylatun told the Daily Observer exclusively fortnight ago that the unexplained death of the late Nyenplue on July 10 this year sparked a public protest and petition justice. Madam Superintendent also said the former commissioner of Picnicess in 2018, Tokpa Geplah, also died mysteriously. She also narrated that, during her brief term as Superintendent so far, she once went home to find a snake in her bed.

She said besides Picnicess, the allegedly witchcraft activities are also alarming in Galarway.

Herbalist Tamba Bundoo displaying his materials


  1. Is this Peter Coleman the same as the one with the medical degree? That would be a contradiction in science, for a doctor to be a purveyor of superstition. Such would give credence to the adage, “trust but verify.” Just imagine how many did not make it under his scissors, and simply because they dared believe in science. Could it be the time spent in the legislature that has tainted this man’s scientific orientation? The name Peter Coleman, will now obviously mean different thing to different people, depending on whether you are in the city or in the bush. Never the same Peter Coleman anywhere, any time. Now we know!

  2. May peace come to the good people of Grand Kru. May the easing of tensions begin. May the Ministers of Education, Agriculture and Public Works get together to see how the good people of Grand Kru can be helped.

    The Ministry of Education….. school buildings for grades K-12 need to be improved. Desks, textbooks and science labs are needed. The young men and women of Grand Kru deserve better.

    The Ministry of Agriculture…… encourage the local farmers to make bigger farms. Start a pilot program by giving out seeds to the local farmers. When this happens, the local farmers will be extremely happy. The farmers are not lazy, rather, the farmers need help. Rice farms are not enough. What’s about coffee, cocoa and corn farms?

    The Ministry of Public Works….. Roads need improvement. If there are good roads between Maryland and Grand Kru, the farmers will be motivated to plant and grow as much as possible.

    The blame game must take a back seat for now. Why? Because these are perilous times for the people of Liberia, including of course the people of Grand Kru. The situation in Grand Kru is tense. All that’s needed in Grand Kru is for the above mentioned entities to work together.


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