“Help Protect the Environment”


Miss Earth Liberia 2020 Urges Liberians; receives 100% Scholarship from BlueCrest University College family

As Liberia’s biodiversity parameter continuous to remain under threat, Miss Earth Liberia (MEL) 2020, Robell C. Hover, has called on well-meaning Liberians to help protect their environment.

Miss Hover said while the government through the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) holds prime responsibility, it is also every person’s responsibility to help care for the environment.

She made these remarks on Thursday, October 1, 2020, when she was welcomed and honored by her school, the BlueCrest University College in Sinkor.

Miss Hover added, “Let’s help to clean our beaches and coastal areas, let’s stop sand mining and the illegal cutting down of our trees because it is our duty to protect and safe the earth. We need to plant more trees Instead of cutting them down.”

Giving statistics, MEL 2020 said that in three years from now if not protected, both West Point and Waterside areas will be swept away, especially making reference to the constant wave of sea erosion due to illegal sand mining among others.

She named sea erosion, sand mining and deforestation as issues currently affecting the earth and needs to be addressed, she noted.

“I will constructively speak out, raise my voice and speak on national issues affecting Liberia and the globe at large”, Miss. Hover assured. It is time we make our people know and understand the true meaning of saving the earth, Miss Hover pointed out.

Though she acknowledged the task ahead of her especially when her peers will anticipate the very best from her as a true representation for them, she is of the conviction that she can make a difference saying; “I am not there yet but striving to get there, the journey has just begun, so watch out as I conquer the world “, she again re- assured her colleagues.  

Miss Earth 2020 stressed that she represents a new and youthful generation and as such she will work hard to set the necessary standards which will serve as a motivation for her peers to emulate.

She urged citizens and residents to care about the environment because “the wellbeing of the Liberian people, the environment, and the functioning of the economy, ultimately depends on the responsible management of the country’s natural resources.”

BlueCrest University College Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Michael Slawon, termed the occasion as a historic one for the BlueCrest University College family.

“Indeed, it is a great milestone, and we are so glad to celebrate one of our own who has so far made us proud”, he pointed out in a joyous mood. Dr. Slawon commended Miss Earth on her achievement and also urged her to do more.

According to him, Miss Hover’s achievement is the beginning of a long dream and is hoping that she will move to higher heights.

“You are indeed a great example as such I urged other young people, our future leaders to emulate the good example of Miss Hover because her success is an indication that it is also possible once you are willing, prepare and focus to achieve your goals in life,” said Dr. Slawon.

His comments were echoed by the President of BlueCrest Dr. Umesh Neelakantan who re-emphasized the gratefulness of the institution as a result of the proud their student ( Robell Hover) brought to them.

He said at BlueCrest, they recognized fully the extra skills and talents of their students as such he was not surprised by Robell’s recent performance at the just ended competition Miss. Earth Beauty Pageant.

“By making us proud today as a student of Fashion and Design at BlueCrest and going forward, you will be a very special and key personality in this institution,” Dr. Neelakantan added.

Moreover, you are hereby awarded a 100% scholarship by the institution’s boss while the beneficiary was shocked and to her disbelieve for the disclosure of the scholarship to her.

The BlueCrest head than praised the honoree for her exceptional performance which saw her crowned as Miss Earth 2020 and encouraged her to be the light for her other colleagues to follow.


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