Help Maintain Peace


Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs B. Elias Shoniyin is appealing to Liberians and other nationals residing in the country to maintain peace in order to rebuild the nation.

“Peace is paramount to development and nation building; therefore, it is important for everyone in the country to collaborate with the police to wage war against crimes and other issues that put the country’s peace at stake.

“While we are appealing to citizens to collaborate with the police to maintain peace, it should be noted that the police in return should display good conduct and professionalism at all times to achieve good partnerships for securing peace,” he noted.

Mr. Shoniyin made the passionate call when he served as the keynote speaker at the ‘Maintaining National Peace and Security Awareness’ program held at the Immanuel Christian Academy in Paynesville over the weekend.

Speaking on the theme “The importance of Community Policing,” the Deputy Minister also admonished the police and community dwellers to be familiar with each other’s plans and to be constructive when dealing with matters affecting the community.

For his part, the Chief of the Community Services Section at the Liberia National Police, Samuel A. McCarthy, called on citizens to see police as their partners in maintaining a peaceful society.

Mr. McCarthy said community policing is a strategy designed by the LNP, in consultation with other stakeholders, including the Bowier Trust Foundation, to directly engage citizens in the process of fighting crimes across the country.

“Community policing is a shared responsibility between the police and every other citizen,” Mr. McCarthy said.

He said the LNP alone cannot wipe away criminals or bring in the needed change if community dwellers across the country do not play their part.

Concerning the operations of the Traffic Police, the Deputy Chief of Police for Community Services said that they need to conduct themselves in line with the ethics and professional standards of the LNP if the public should accord them the desired respect.

He said that those who build houses with high fences and choose to neglect the cries of others should not think that they are guaranteed true safety.

“Everybody needs somebody and security is everybody’s business, no matter your status in society,” he emphasized.

Referencing the Holy Bible, Mr. McCarthy said that rogues come in not only to steal but to also kill.

He meanwhile promised the commitment of the police to work with everyone in the country to maintain peace and order.

Speaking earlier during the program, the President of the Bowier Trust Foundation, Mr. Felix Walz, said no one works in isolation and as such, Liberians and other nationals in the country need to work together to promote the right concepts of peace building.

He said that Liberian women in particular are an innovative and hardworking fraction of the nation’s population whose objective is to always have an environment free of crises that deter them from freely exercising their constitutional as well as their God-given rights and privileges.

“Do not only be prepared to react to situations but be proactive in joining hands in partnerships that will avert the crises that tear you apart as a people,” Mr. Walz said.

He called on the police to be productive and be determined to cooperate with people in the communities across the country.

Other topics discussed during the program included Drug Abuse, Child Labor, and Teenage Pregnancy. The program was attended by motorcyclists, pastors, imams and traditional leaders, among others.


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