Heavy Storm Leaves Trail of Ruined Homes in Nimba

The head of an affected family reconstructs the roof of .jpg

A torrential tropical rainstorm backed by heavy winds have destroyed several houses in Beo Blemieplay Town, Twah River District in Nimba County, leaving hundreds of residents homeless.

On a tour of the affected towns on March 4, this reporter observed that at least 17 houses were badly damaged, while the storm partially blew away the roofs of many other houses.

A father of six, Peter Gbar, 65, told this newspaper that the violent storm blew away the roof of his house and also damaged nearly all the household contents.

He told the Daily Observer, while putting together the broken pieces of his house, that his family is temporarily being sheltered by relatives.

“I do not have any money to re-roof my house,” he said, “so I am kindly asking the Government to help me.”

Peter Blemie, a father of 12, said the storm erupted while he and his family were in the house having their evening meal. “It took away the roof of the house, injuring one of our children,” Blemie said.

“My husband is no longer strong to look for money like he did when we built the house. So I am totally confused and don’t know how to manage this problem,” added his wife, Oretha Toweh Blemie.

Blemieplay is one of the most populated towns in Twah River District. It was annexed to the Buuyoa Administrative District during the 2011 threshold.

George Gomah, the Town Chief, said the residents were appalled by the devastation, and appealed to the central Government and partners to assist the storm affected residents to rebuild their lives.

“Since the storm, the homeless have been hosted at the homes of their respective relatives, who were also finding it very difficult to convince aid agencies to come in with relief supplies,” Gomah said.

Ma Ready Daybah, a widow in her late 70s, wept and called on any well meaning Liberian to assist them to get their houses repaired.

In Yao Tanplay Town, the storm also damaged several buildings, especially the Moore Daymon Quarters, where one family lost three of their houses.

Many other areas in the county suffered the devastation of the storm.

In the provincial city of Sanniquellie and its immediate environs, the storm also destroyed several homes and left many families homeless, a local community radio has reported.

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