Health Volunteers’ Payment Begins

Health volunteers signing_web.jpg

At last, health volunteers, including Contact Tracers, from districts 7 and 5 began receiving their pay yesterday after the process was derailed by fist fights that broke out among the volunteers when the payment process started on Monday.

Each of the 121 volunteers from district 7 and 60 and from district 5 got US$80 for the month of October.

The incentive payment to these Liberians is an initiative of UNDP to support health volunteers in the fight against the killer Ebola virus disease.

The payment process was suspended Monday following a commotion which broke out on the grounds of the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare when authorities of the Ministry and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) attempted to pay hundreds of community health volunteers their incentives.

Following meetings by the UNDP and health volunteers on Monday evening, it was agreed upon that the payment of these health volunteers start with districts 5 and 7 for the month of October 2014 at the MOH.

“We were all disappointed Monday with the way the payment was done, but thank God the process is now going on smoothly. We appreciate the health authorities especially UNDP for finding a better solution to the problems,” District #5 Coordinator, Mr. Eric Vaye, said.

Vaye blamed Monday’s action on the lack of “proper planning”.

The payment process started at 10 a.m. yesterday at the Ministry.

District four volunteers’ payment date was unavailable to this reporter. All efforts to reach Ms. Zinnah Benson, Administrator, MOH/UNDP, Community-based Initiative Project, on her phone were unsuccessful.


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