Health Officials Urged to Reconsider Decisions Affecting Children


Ten year-old Agnes Fua-fuan of the Elizabeth Sele Mulbah Institute in Duazon, Margibi County, has urged health officials to consider children’s health issues as cardinal.

Young Agnes said so yesterday in Monrovia at the General Assembly of the Liberia Immunization Platform (LIP).

The program was held at the S. Trowen Nagbe United Methodist Church Conference Hall under the theme, “The Robust Civil Society against Deadly and Crippling Diseases.”

“I’m glad that I was chosen to speak here today to represent the voices of children who suffer from the actions of adults,” Fua-fuan said.

She reminded Liberian leaders and the LIP General Assembly that they should think twice about stealing money intended for drugs or vaccine outreach.

“I want to caution all Liberians and health practitioners in our country to think twice before they steal our health money.”

She noted that the smallest amount of money or resources could save a child, and that child could be theirs or a member of their family.

Ms. Fua-fuan said if a vaccinator wanted to throw away the vaccine doses that could save the lives of children he or she should change their mind.

“Those children you are risking could be among your neighbor’s children,”. Fua-fuan said.

She said, every ugly decision Liberians make against the prosperity of the nation “affects your children and all children of Liberia.”

“My little education tells me that vaccines are intended to protect or build resistance against diseases and viruses,” said Fua-fuan, reminding the assembly members that it is not every child in the country that has been vaccinated.

The United Nations Children Agency’s (UNICEF) Communication Specialist, Soumitra Roy, urged members of the General Assembly to consider immunizing children throughout the country while a representative of the Ministry of Health Expanded Program on Immunization (EPI), Augustine Newray, promised support to children.

On behalf of the World Health Organization (WHO) EPI, Dr. Zari Wamba called on LIP to intensify efforts to vaccinate children across the country.

The Liberia Immunization Program has received support from the Global Alliance for Vaccine and Immunization (GAVI) through Catholic Relief Services (CRS). Liberia is the prime sponsor of LIP since its establishment. LIP comprises 36 community based organizations.


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