‘Health Not A Privilege for A Few, But A Right for Everyone’

Vice President Jewel Howard -Taylor chats with fellow panelist, Dr. Keizo Takemi, former Minister of Health of Japan, at the World Health Summit in Berlin, Germany.

VP Taylor addresses high level panel at the World Health Summit

Vice President Jewel Howard-Taylor has identified finance, expertise and constituency as the three fundamental pillars for achieving universal health coverage, which considers access to affordable healthcare for people across the world, a release from her office has said.

A release quoting a dispatch from the 11th World Health Summit in Berlin, Germany, said VP Taylor also applauded African Governments for the adoption of the Abuja Declaration, which provides for the allocation of 17 percent of each African nation’s national budget to the health sector.

Addressing a high level panel at the Summit, on the theme, “Health as a Political Choice,” VP Taylor said that health is not a privilege for a few, but a right for everyone. She stressed the need to implement the Abuja Declaration and ensure the African governments allocate more finances to address the existential issues of health care.

She also argued that preventive measures are better than curative measures, adding, “Women empowerment is key to achieving universal health coverage, because when women are empowered, they provide basic needs for their children to include healthcare and education, which are necessary for livelihood.”

VP Taylor shared the platform with Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director General of the World Health Organisation (WHO), Dr. Luis Henrique Mandetta, Minister of Health of Brazil, and Dr. Keizo Takemi, former Minister of Health of Japan.

On the side lines of the summit, VP Taylor held discussions with Dr. Detlev Gaten, founder of the World Health Summit, centered on the mobilization of funds for research purposes in Liberia, and the strengthening of network of academic institutions in the area of healthcare.

Professor Detlev Ganten, is a specialist in pharmacology and molecular medicine. He is one of the world’s leading scientists in the field of hypertension. He founded the World Health Summit in 2009, and served as CEO of the Charite Universitatsmedicin Berlin, one of Europe’s largest university hospitals. The hospital was ranked as the best over 1,000 hospitals in Germany between 2012 to 2019.

According to US Network, Charite is the 5th best hospital in the world. More than half of all Germany Nobel peace prize winners in the sciences worked at Charite and the hospital has treated several political leaders, and distinguished personalities across the world.

He is the current Chairman of the Board of Charite Foundation since 2005 (The Charite Foundation is a German Research Foundation, which provides approximately 1.5 billion EUR in funding every year).

The assistance is done through various programs and funding streams, but specifically to promote research in all areas.


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