NEC, Partners Strengthen Electoral Dispute Resolution


The National Elections Commission (NEC) together with its partners from the United Nations Development Program, European Union, Sweden, Ireland and Canada, beginning this week, are working with key actors to strengthen the capacity of stakeholders in the area of election dispute resolution.

The training is supported with a fund of US$16 million from the NEC partners.

With the October 10, elections fast approaching, transparent complaints and appeals processes are crucial. They are an integral part of democratic elections. The right to lodge a complaint and appeal against decisions related to elections is a right the National Elections Commission and its partners are keen to highlight this series of training.

Participants will discuss the Liberian legal framework and receive a detailed briefing on the procedures to submit a high quality complaint and appeal in the electoral field.

Professional groups such as the Liberian Bar Association as well as political party representatives, media and civil society will be attending the sessions. These groups are all key to ensuring electoral disputes are handled in a fair, professional and transparent manner. Strong and transparent mechanisms to resolve disputes can reduce conflict between people and assist and support peaceful elections.


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