“He Would Be A Dangerous Statesman”

Montserrado County District #17 Representative, Hanson Kiazolu (left) and several other legislators have expressed "caution to the Senate not to confirm the newly appointed Deputy Defense Minister for Operations, Tarplah Davis" aka Zoely Zoe (right)

…UP, Independent Legislative Caucuses caution Senate against confirmation of ‘Zoely Zoe’ 

Ahead of confirmation hearings of Presidential appointees by the Senate, the Unity Party (UP) Legislative Caucus Chairman and executive members of the Independent Legislative Caucus (ILC) in the House of Representatives, have warned against the confirmation of the newly appointed Deputy Defense Minister for Operations, Tarplah Davis, aka Zoely Zoe.

The lawmakers also branded Zoely Zoe as being ‘extremely dangerous with bad human rights record.’

The two legislative caucuses, in a joint communication to President Pro Tempore, Albert T. Chie, wrote against the confirmation of the newly appointed Deputy Minister for Operations, Tarplah Davis.

In the communication, dated December 3, 2019, Montserrado County District #17 Representative, Hanson Kiazolu of Unity Party; Montserrado County District #4 Representative, Rustonlyn Suacoco Dennis; River Gee County District #3 Lawmaker, Francis Dopoh, II, affixed their respective signatures for the Independent Legislative Caucus.

“We present our compliments and wish to express to caution the Honorable Senate not to confirm the newly appointed Deputy Minister for Operations, Tarplah Davis, aka Zoely Zoe.

“Davis, sometime in May and June 2019, promised to kill fellow Liberians in a peaceful protest should anyone of them damage or cause to damage his property during the citizens’ peaceful protest,” the communication said.

It added: “We believe with such a statement from Mr. Davis when he was not in a position, he would be a dangerous statesman should he be confirmed, and have full authority to execute his plan against peaceful citizens. Mr. Pro Tempore and members of the Senate, we, the Independent Legislative Caucus with the Unity Party, pray your indulgence not to confirm Mr. Davis at the detriment of the Liberian people. You will agree with us that modern democracy or democratic practices call for security personnel who shall have respect for the citizenry. Moreover, we as legislators and include people shall not condone such threat by Mr. Davis.”

Reports from the Senate said confirmation hearing of appointed officials are expected to begin on Thursday, December 5, 2019 on Capitol Hill.

President George Weah appointed as Deputy Minister of Defense for Operations. He was named to the position recently despite allegations that he holds American citizenship.

Few days before his appointment, Davis went live on Facebook and openly expressed his disgust for critics of the President and planners of protest, threatening to “kill” would-be protesters of the ‘Weah Step Down Campaign’ and critics of Weah.

He reduced the constant protests happening in Liberia for various reasons as a strategy by the protesters to loot and destroy properties and make the government appear ugly to the international community.

In the live video session, he promised to defend the government of President Weah, his family and others with plans intended to thwart or go against the Liberian Constitution.

“The symbol of everything that I have worked for personally is in Liberia. And I told people, anybody tries my property, I will kill them. I have said it and will continue to say it openly,” he said.

He reaffirmed, “I, Zoely Zoe or Tarplah Z. Davies, will never ever sit down in this America when Henry Pedro Costa and his likes, who are thinking about covertly overthrowing the Government and thinking about looting the resources of our country. When they carry out their wicked plan, I will not sit in this America and witness my country in chaos. I will defend my properties, I will defend my government and people, I will defend my family and do everything possible to ensure that those people who have their devilish intention of trying to subvert the Constitution, their plans are reverted and the Constitution will take over.

Mr. Davies is a ranking officer in the U.S. Army from 2009 to 2019. To join the army in the United States, one must be either a citizen of the U.S. or a permanent resident.

Liberia’s Alien and Nationality Law does not recognize individuals, who have served in the army of another country as a citizen of Liberia.

In their recent dual citizenship bill, the Senate recommended that “A natural-born citizen of Liberia may hold the citizenship of another country, but shall not qualify for elected positions, and the following appointed positions: Chief Justice and Associate Justices of the Supreme Court of Liberia; Cabinet Ministers, Deputy Ministers; all heads of Autonomous Commissions, Agencies and Non-Academic/Research/Scientific Institutions and Ambassadors.”

Though Senate’s proposition is yet to become law, eyebrows are raising over how the Senate would handle the confirmation of Mr. Davis for reasons relating to his threat and his citizenship.


  1. The 3 persons who signature petition asking the senate not to confirm Tarplah Davis are all full of shit. Henry Costa say the same crap and it is nothing. I challenge you, Rustolyn Dennis, Hanson Kiazulu, and Francis Dopoh to step on my land to protest and break any piece of stick on my land. I will deal with you just like market dog . Stupid fools

      • This is not about any Kru Defense Force! This is about patriotism! We should be applauding and emulating the likes of Tarplah Davis. The truth is the truth!

    • The fact of the matter is that semi-literate and extremely inexperienced Hassan Kiazoulu, Francis Dopoh and Rustolyn Dennis, together with anyone on their so called caucauses who shares such a silly view that one, – whether an official designate or anyone, who seriously warns law breakers or violent protesters must not be confirmed By the Senate are just a bunch of very stupid and selfish fools!

      In short, if a protester is peaceful or intends to be peaceful he or she has nothing to fear!

      But if a protester as is the case of Henry Costa, Mo Ali, Darius Dillon, and their Masters or whoever, are planning to carry out such as their treasonable act, they must be dealt with even more than how such violent and lawless people are dealt with in Nigeria, Egypt, South Africa, Rwanda, Senegal, etc.

      And this is exactly what that fine military dignitary Tarplah Zoley Zoe Davis said prior to this appointment! And this is how military stalwarts or army officials speak on such issues whether at base or elsewhere!

      • Matilda, that’s not the role of the military, but the police.
        Military personnel should be reserved and sparing on words. If he called himself military personnel and can make such public utterances as you have confirmed, he should not be confirmed as Deputy Minister of Defense. He is dangerous to have commands over the people who take care of our armory.

  2. No more ethnic defense force twill succeed again. Anyone try to do same will be handled accordingly.
    Even President Weah should not Condon such blood tasty idea. Rebel General go in the farm until war court is ready for you. We passed that stage.

  3. Find someone credible.
    There are people who can hold the position with good reputation. The killers must begin to be sidelined. Once a killer, always a killer.
    Every action is premeditated in the brain, and then the mouth voices it out.

  4. Let us deal with Zoely Zoe as Zoely Zoe and leave Costa out of this. Costa will have to answer for his own crimes one day if he ever committed them. Let us also called a spade a spade. No amount of love for an individual should make Zoely Zoe to voices his anger against the Liberian people that he will kill any Liberian for things of vanity. He was dead wrong and let us not support it. I challenge every Liberian to call on Zoely Zoe to go back on Facebook live and ask the Liberian people for forgiveness. My two cents.

  5. Not surprisingly, a caucus of a UP which is member of the CPP – whose leader Henry Costa made terroristic threats of buying “guns for old rebels to kill on his orders” and furthered he would “bring down the President” were government to close down Roots FM – is lobbying against confirmation of a self-defense-minded nominee. Needless to say that a media space warned by the UN, AU, and ECOWAS on February 25, 2019 to not “promote violence” initiated and loves the anti-confirmation chorus.

    Whether we want to hear it or not, the Right to Protect One’s Person and Property from Injury happens to be a universally-recognized legal principle. Therefore, considering mob violence that resulted in the burning down of a police station (an act symbolic of resistance), the US Army veteran was right to warn would-be anarchists. For example, if a head of household is faced with an unprovoked attack which threatens imminent injury or death, and out of fear uses in response reasonable force that causes injury or death to the intended attacker or attackers, the defender may be justified.

    It’s about time we Liberians learn some basic legal principles before jumping in the streets again to demonstrate when the courts throw out consequent charges of assault or murder against someone defending him or her self. Government should be serious about establishing libraries so that we will use those significant learning resources to educate ourselves. In my neighborhood library here, even homeless people can be seen reading: Nonsense opposition to confirmation.

  6. Jonathan Saah, you do not know what you are saying. You are a hypocrite. You must be out of your mind since you are tacitly saying “there is nothing wrong with Henry Costa’s acts of treason ” but you are here wishing an intelligent national asset as the Deputy Minister Tarplah Zoley Zoe should indulge such silly act of apologizing for warning culprits intending to inflict violence and destruction. You better go back and tell your silly Henry Costa to apologize to the nation for his rudeness and plot to carry out violence and treason.

  7. A Kru Defense Force ? What a great idea if such ideas were applied to school house constructions , road constructions , electricfication, health facilities and human resources capacities to uplift the backwardness of the places they as Kru people came from. It is those Kru counties that the Kru Defense Force has the obligation to liberate . Go home and do just that. There are more Kru people in Montserrado County than all the Kru counties put together. So allow the leader or whatever leaderships that they have or have appointed to start marching together out of Montserrado County. There is no place like sweet home. There is so much work to be done in those counties still in darkness, while others counties are moving ahead in providing the social necessities to their citizens. It is fair to say that since the election of George Weah , more Kru people have left their counties for better life in the slums cities of Montserrado County. Go Home and be productive. Use the defense force to do just. The notorious Senator Prince Johnson of Nimba County was showing off his four-story building as a college . What can the Kru nation show to its citizens and children. The citizens of the Kru nation are caught up in the good temptation life style that they happened to find in the slums cities of Montserrado County, and now they think that they are living large. Go back home and develop just as Prince Johnson is doing for his citizens that cannot afford to travel to Montserrado County for effective education. Go Home Kru Defense Force and make a difference. That’s where your attention is needed the most.

  8. Baseless, unfounded and taking out of context….Nonsense. And stop using fear tactics. Is he qualified? Yes… Examine his credentials…

  9. Why will the Daily Observer give credence to
    this story? This is a complete nonsense and waste of resources to print said story. I will appreciate if those lawmakers will monster the coverage and expell Yekeh Kolubah and George Boley from the lower house. Those are two individuals with history of murdering innocent civilians.


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