“He Wasn’t Just a Co-Worker”


— President Weah describes fallen MPW Minister Nyenpan as “a close friend and brother”

The President of the Republic, Dr. George Manneh Weah, says fallen Public Works Minister Mobutu Vlah Nyenpan was an extremely passionate, committed and hardworking public servant who spent sleepless nights to implement Government’s infrastructure program.

The President said the passing of Mr. Nyenpan is a big blow not only to his family but also to Government and the people of Liberia at large.

“The death of Mobutu hurts everyone. It hurts me as it hurts the family,” The President said. “Indeed, Vlah was a father, brother, son and uncle to many. For me, he was more than a cabinet minister in my government. He was also a true friend and brother.”

The Liberian Leader made the statements Sunday, November 8, 2020 when he and a throng of government officials paid a visit to the family home of the fallen Public Works Minister.

President Weah used the visit to extend heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family on behalf of his government, and called on the family to look up to God during their difficult time of mourning.

Sinoe County’s District #3 Representative, Hon. Matthew Zarzar, Former People’s Redemption Council Member D. Karn Karlor and the deceased’s brother, Mr. Ojuku Nyenpan, spoke on behalf of the family.

The three kinsmen welcomed President Weah and entourage to their family home and commended President Weah for his intervention and assistance during the critical period of the late Nyenpan’s ailment both in Liberia and in Ghana.

“If you were God who gives life, my brother Mobutu Vlah Nyenpan would be alive today”, Mr. Ojuku Nyenpan said in reference to the President’s intervention.

“Your time on the phone with me, Mr. President, finding ambulance and instructing Dr. Brown to do whatever possible to save my brother’s life still reverberates in my mind,” he said further.

Before his demise, fallen Minister Nyenpan also served as Senator of Sinoe County. He was honored as Minister of Year 2019 by Dr. George Weah for his hard work and dedication to work.

Born on March 20, 1964, Min. Nyenpan died in Ghana on October 30, 2020. Recently, the family of the deceased Public Worker Minister Mobutu Nyenpan denied reports that the former Sinoe County senator died of poisoning from cyanide or some form of deadly chemicals.

Of late, there have been speculations that the former senator suffered a stroke due to poisoning after meeting some top government officials who wanted kickback from the road funds. Other reports did not attribute his stroke to poison rather than being pressured by some senior officials of the government to act illegally.

Though these are unconfirmed hypotheses, what is known is that the late minister was rushed to the John F. Kennedy Medical Center on September 3, after a meeting with senior administration officials.

But, for the Nyenpan family, any postulations of about foul play against Minister Nyenpan, “attributing his cause of death to factors that are far removed from the truth”, is a smear campaign against them and the memory of the deceased.

“For the record, and while we will not delve into the details of such a report, we can emphatically state that NO WHERE in that report is it indicated that cyanide or other deadly chemicals were detected as contributing factors to the passing of our beloved,” the family said in a statement.


  1. MR. Editor, why you people do not do proper research before publishing your story? Was Mr. D.karn Carlor, a member of the PRC? He worked in the PRC Government as Coordinator amongst the PRC members and not as otherwise. Journalism calls for fact telling and its required research, because all of the facts may not be readily available to you.
    He was a staunched supporter of the United People’s Party as the late Mobutu Nyepan was, before they formed a coalition with the LPP to form the Alliance for Peace and Democracy(APD), on whose ticket, the late Mobutu Nyepan won the senatorial seat of Sinoe.


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