Haywood Principal Challenges MOE’s “No Graduation” Mandate

Bishop Dr. Leo M. Simpson, Principal, Haywood Mission School

-Says MOE is operating outside the Education Law-

Bishop Dr. Leo M. Simpson, Principal of the Haywood Mission High School in Old Road, Monrovia, has vowed that his institution will not pay any money to the Ministry of Education for hosting graduation ceremony because having graduation is not against the Education Law of the Republic of Liberia.

It can be recalled that MOE penalized Haywood with a fine of L$300,000 (Three Hundred thousand Liberian Dollars) for violating the Ministry’s mandate.

“The Ministry of Education has been notified of a recent violation of its mandate that prohibits all schools from organizing graduation ceremonies and as such has levied a fine of LR$300,000.00 (Three Hundred Thousand Liberian Dollars) against the Haywood Mission High School for non-compliance,” a statement posted on MOE’s Facebook page said.

According to Bishop Dr. Simpson, his institution cannot pay a fine for a crime they did not commit and, if the ministry revokes his school’s permit, then 1,000 students will be put out of school next year.

Haywood is a well-known Christian private school in Monrovia and attracts huge number of students every academic year.

Bishop Simpson admitted that a letter was sent to him on August 23, 2020, by the District Educational Officer (DEO) asking him to pay the sum of $350,000. He said on August 26, 2020, he then received another letter from the Deputy Minister for administration at the Ministry of Education levying the fine of L$300,000 against his school.

“So, I have two letters for one alleged, assumed, purported crime with different amounts,” Bishop Simpson noted. According to him, the Education Law of the Republic of Liberia does not prevent schools from hosting a graduation ceremony for students, let alone stop schools from graduating students.

“This is the Education Law of the Republic of Liberia, and there is nothing in it that says no school should have a graduation ceremony,” he noted.

He further argued that the Education Law does not have any provision that compels a school to wait on WAEC or WASSCE results before hosting graduation or promoting students.

“Graduation from high school is predicated upon the success of the students in completing the prescribed courses of the Ministry of Education in conjunction with courses that we might add, subjects like Bible and Agriculture, that the students will be required to complete before graduating. Is the ministry saying that they don’t hold to their curriculum?” he wondered.

According to him, the Ministry’s decision to put a halt to graduation ceremonies was a mere ‘pronouncement’ and not a law. ”We are governed by laws and not pronouncements.”   

According to the MOE’s 2019-2020 academic calendar that was released after COVID-19 break, “There shall be NO Assemblies for Graduation Ceremonies. The Status of Health Risk Shall dictates the course of action to be taken. Any options shall be announced as the time approaches.”

J. Maxime Bleetahn, Director of Communications & Public Relations at the Ministry of Education, said all schools across the country are aware of the ministry’s mandate, and if one is found guilty, it will be fined and if it disagrees with the fine it can go to the court.

“The communication was sent out to every school that there will be no graduation ceremony until 2021. So, once you violate, you will be fined.”

Bishop Simpson also threatened that he will take legal action against MOE because he did not violate any law.

“I am consulting our lawyer; firstly, they wronged us and, if we wronged them, the court will be able to state that,” he said.


  1. You are right bishop Simpson, because Liberia is a country of law and not man. The education law of Liberia can relate. Long live our HMI.

  2. Leo, Remember to every law there is an exception. If the government or ministry says no to graduation due to the current health situation and send out communications to all schools about that, why are the schools not wanting to follow the ministry mandate? Agree the laws are there but situation can require Government to make short changes mostly when it comes to lives and property. So Leo must follow what the ministry says. Or take the govt to court ahead, he got the letter August 2020 why wait until now.
    On the other hand, the Very government had big funerals for dead officials with very large gathering, no social distancing, and no mask. They are having large campaign all around the country. Why should the schools not have their graduation? Leo is also right.

    Weah along with his cabinet are a big problem and making all this confusion. If it is not in their shoes, they are happy and merry make. Just the other day the general President Weah had a big birthday party with tens of thousands of people attending without following the health guidelines. How many persons goes to a graduation as compare to General Weah Birthday party? The Papay Leo has a point. I support him and all the schools. Go for it have the graduation. But remember, it’s not becuz a man steals or break the laws so you will break it also. I mean the covid laws or rules set to stop public gathering that is affecting the schools graduation.

    Following a fool also means you are a fool and that fool may go free but you as a wise man may not go free.
    Hey Leo, remember Animal Farm, I was taught the story in Haywood, some Animals who felt they were in power, made laws and above the laws, prevented other animals from doing the same thing they were doing to break the laws.
    So go ahead Leo, Its sad that our country no longer make laws and mandate we all must follow no matter our political, social or religion believes.
    In fact, the Government need to declare that covid is over in Liberia due to the president birthday party. A VERY VERY VERY non-essential activity or program that hosted people. He is indeed a super-spreader of the covid and should pay the fees charge to all the schools for their graduations coming up.

    May God Blessed Liberia and save our country.


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