Harris Fomba Tarnue Appointed BWI Principal

Mr Tarnue_web.jpg

President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has appointed Mr. Harris Fomba Tarnue as Principal of the Booker Washington institute (BWI) in Kakata, Margibi County.

He replaces Mr. Alexander Melvin Massey who served as Interim Principal of the institute for two years.

The appointment of Mr. Tarnue is in consonance with Article Four– H of the Charter creating the Booker Washington Institute (BWI) which gives the President of Liberia, who is also the Chair /Ex-officio of the institute’s Board of Governors, the authority to nominate a principal to the Board of Governors after which the Board shall revert to the President of Liberia for a formal appointment once the Board has acted upon the nomination.

On December 2, the BWI Board Governors accepted President Sirleaf’s nomination of Mr. Harris Fomba Tarnue as Principal of BWI.

Mr. Tarnue’s appointment came as a result of a Civil Service Agency-coordinated competitive vetting process mandated by President Sirleaf to choose the most qualified candidate from among several examined applicants to serve as Principal of BWI. His appointment takes immediate effect, a press release said.


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