‘Hard Time Caused Mother to Abandon Child’


The unidentified young woman who was pressed enough to abandon the corpse of her child on a New Kru Town beach was due to frustration from hard times, Daily Observer investigation has revealed.
“I met the woman with the baby Tuesday night when we were keeping watch at the beach,” said a woman member of the Beach & Waterways Project, initiated by the Liberia Maritime Authority.
“And I am sure that the young boy was not dead then,” she said.
The woman, a member of the security unit on the beach, said, “we saw her walking near our area here in Popo Beach and when I asked her what she was doing with a child in the night she complained that people laughed at her and taunted her, claiming that her son looked like a jina.”
“I told her not to worry about what people were telling her because the baby boy needed her to take care of him,” the woman who did not want to be identified told the Daily Observer.
She said, “I am sure the baby was alive at the time we were talking and encouraging her to take care of the child.
“She also complained that the child was sickly and it was too hard for her to take care of him.
“I was even shocked when she told me that she had tried to leave the child or wanted always to leave the child at the Redemption Hospital so that someone could care for him.”
The woman said that after encouraging the mother, she and her work mates left the young woman to worry about her troubles.
It was apparent that the woman, who had clutched her child to her chest, with a brown hand bag, had enough of caring for a child who would not get well, said another woman who heard of the death of the young baby boy Wednesday morning.
It was understood that the mother of the baby was in her late teens and she was facing serious problems and that the baby boy was alive at the time the mother met with the beach workers around 8p.m Tuesday. What caused the baby’s death is the issue residents are grappling now with.
It is also not known if any group is investigating the case to locate the mother or relatives of the unfortunate child and police sources are not reporting any massive hunt to identify the young mother whose frustration led to the death and abandonment of her one and a half year old baby boy.


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