Harbel College Male, Female Teams Win Football Medals in the All University Games

Harbel College male and female teams pose for a photo.

The male and female soccer teams of Harbel College have won the gold and silver awards respectively in the just ended intercollegiate university games.

Harbel College male team won the tournament after narrowly defeating Bluecrest University, while the female team put out super performance to clinch the third place award.

The intercollegiate university games, which is organized by the Ministry of Youth and Sports, brought together several institutions of higher learning around the country, including the  African Methodist Episcopal Zion University (AMEZU), Barshell University, Bluecrest University and STARZ College.

Liberia’s Deputy Minister of Sports, Andy Quamie, appreciated the participating teams for their involvement and said without them, the tournament wouldn’t have been a success.

“Today, we have made history despite the absence of the  University of Liberia and the Cuttington University due to reasons best knew to themselves, we were not able to end the tournament on a successful note. We want to let you know that there is no big university and small university. What matters most is your output. And I can proudly say we have made history,” the minister said.

The deputy minister of youth and sports assured the participating schools that every year the tournament will be organized to bring together universities in exhibiting their skills and talents at a higher level. He said his dream is to see university team from Liberia one day participating in the all university games in Africa.

In brief remarks, the President of Harbel College, Dr. Syrulwa Somah, said if America and other countries can send their daughters and sons to represent their countries, in a not too distant future, Liberia can do the same.

“I stand here today to say thanks to everyone for the time you put into this tournament. I continue to say, all the years I lived in the states, I saw other countries sending their girls on the stage of women’s football. I watch Martha of Brazil and other great women athletes but, sadly for the forty years in the states I didn’t see Liberia.

“And so when I took over at Harbel College, I decided to start this dream that will one day see a Liberian female team in an airplane going outside to represent Liberia” he added.

“To all the young women out there, do not let anybody underestimate you. You can be what you want to be if you put your time to it. Many years ago, while growing up, the young women were only seen cheering male athletes behind the goal post. Now is the time in our country that the men stand behind the same goal post and celebrate our girls who can even do better if given the chance” he said.



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