Hanging Death of 9 Yr-old: Possible Murder?


Mixed reactions over 9-year-old student’s death as discussants suggest that it could not have been suicide

A 9-year old female student, Linda Sherman, had just celebrated her 9th birthday on Friday, November 29, 2019. Five days later, on Wednesday, December 4, she was found dead, mysteriously dangling with a rope around her neck in her parents’ room on Lynch Street in Monrovia.

Police is yet establish the mystery surrounding the death of little Linda, however, residents are of mixed reactions with some pointing accusing fingers at suspected criminal-minded individual, who they claimed had secretly entered the room to rape her, but ended up killing her. The suspect, residents believe, subsequently tied her neck to the nearby dresser to destroy evidence.

Other discussants claimed that an unknown person might have entered the room to steal, but because the little girl was present, the suspected criminal took her life away to conceal any information that might meanwhile leak to her parents.

The Lynch Street (no pun intended) where Linda Sherman lived with her parents is highly congested and situated between a major public transport hub on Johnson street and a notorious den of criminals behind the old Defense Ministry building at the foot of Buchanan Street.

There have been no medical examinations so far to determine the cause of death or whether the girl was violated sexually or otherwise.

Some of the eyewitnesses who were on the scene, described the death of Linda, whose ‘yard name’ is Zotta, as unbelievable. They recalled how the third grade student, who attended the Saint Theresa Convent, went to school in the morning, and was later seen at home after she returned from school that day. But to their utmost surprise, they heard of her sudden death, which caused her mother to fall unconscious.

Barely minutes, after the body was discovered with a green twine rope around her neck, the situation was so confusing to the extent that others attributed it to “suicide,” but others who viewed the body expressed  skepticism, claiming that from the appearance of the body, it was “hard to describe the situation as suicide, but murder.”

Morris P. Kanneh, 17, remembered that when Linda came from school, “she spoke to me and went inside to change her uniform. She left in her underwear (biking shorts) and came outside and went away for few minutes, only for us to hear that she had died by hanging.”

One of the forensic police officers, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said they observed that the deceased was found hanging from a cupboard with a rubber stool beside her. The officer postulated that because the body was too heavy to be hung from the cupboard, while her feet rested on the floor, speculation of “suicide” could be ruled out.

A lady in the community recalls that one of the neighbors sent for “green twine” (rope), similar to the kind found around the neck of the deceased.

Up to yesterday morning, many horrified residents have continued to visit the crime scene expressing griefs, while other visibly wailed by rolling on the ground.

Meanwhile, police officers assigned with the nearby Metro-1 police depot have assured the public and parents of the deceased that they would do their best in criminal investigation to establish the cause of the Late Linda Zotta Sherman’s death.


  1. Did the parents or relatives of Little Linda had done anything wrong to anyone in the community? What could be the motive?
    Investigating team should look into parents and close relatives tides and relations with others. Maybe they (investigators), may zero in on some unsettled scores.

    Forensics team should look in her lungs at the capillary and alveolar sacs levels. If they appear dry by 75%, then she was killed by affixation (oxygen deprivation). A sign that she was chocked or a pillow was used over her face to inhibit breathing. Then the team can rule out suicide.
    Someone is responsible for her death.
    People are heartless! Wow!
    Mamadu S. Bah, NP ( Nurse Practitioner ) Meridian Health

  2. Mamadu, the correct word is asphyxiation not affixation.

    Affixation is adding an affix (prefix or suffix) to a word to either create a new form of the word or change its meaning.

    • S. Benedict Dossen, our mind now isn’t about spelling is the message or information she trying to send across so just make your point and stop the scodeing asphyxiation affixation isn’t whatever is the battle challenge now. The point is to bring the murderer of late Linda Sherman to justice at least everybody understand what Mamadu Bah is driving at, thanks anyways but don’t may correction as a way to condemned but constructive correction in love and not as to disgraced or rebuked.

  3. Mr. Author, how can you write saying she was found “..dangling…” when the picture shows her with her feet firmly on the ground and same was reported by your sources in the community? To dangle means to swing or hang in a loose manner from something, and that picture doesn’t suggest such.

    I suggest you make the correction to the story because the dangling of the body could be key to what may or may not be a suicide.



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