H-ROLL Home Learning Keeps Students Busy Amid COVID-19

Some beneficiaries of the H-Roll home learning initiative.

With schools across the country closed as the result of the corona virus outbreak and reopening dates uncertain, some educators in Liberia have introduced strategy that seeks to have students more engaged with their lessons.

The administration led by Robert and Lucia Bimba of the Future Foundation International Academy (FFIA) located in Rehab Community Paynesville is one of those educators that is involved in making students busy with lessons while they are homes with their parents.

The educational intervention entitled “Home Reading Learning and Leading (H-ROLL) is being supported by the Comenius School for Creative Leadership of the United States of America. When the global pandemic was first experienced in the US, schools were closed and educators used online teachings to make students more engaged.

Comenius is one of the best highly rated Christian schools that is working with FFIA to assist less privileged kids access quality education.

Bimba presents some food items to parents.

The staffs of Comenius had held several prayer meetings with FFIA including an international zoom educators exchange meeting with others from around the world to share their ongoing online schools with their students and how it was doing.

It was based upon this that Robert and Lucia got inspired to start something, but teaching students considering Liberian context where many students do not have access to online educational platform.

The administration replicated the idea by serving students with weekly assignments that allow parents to pick and drop assignment, reading books and materials to have student to study.

To enhance the process Comenius has provided funding to FFIA to purchase food items and education materials.

Davidson Vonziah, age 7 and a kindergarten student of FFIA, is one of the students who is involved in the home studies initiative.

With support from his parents little Emmanuel spent one hour every day on his lessons. He had received educational materials, and food being provided by the administration of FFIA.

“I am encouraged each day to spend some times to working some mathematic problems as well as other subject.”

Student Davidson Vonziah, of FFIA engaged with his lessons during COVID-19.

Emmanuel’s mother, Mrs. Vonziah, has expressed gratitude to the administration of FFIA and the donors for supporting education during the health crisis and said it was the only school providing such service, although  many parents remain indebted with tuition.

“We give the God the praise because the past weeks my son started receiving supplies of school materials and food to enhance his learning at home. We are highly overwhelmed by this initiative as we are involved in making sure that the kid studies his lessons”.

Mrs.Vonziah, however recommended the government intervention in helping  parents pay the tuition of their children in schools whenever schools get open.

More than 150 students from FFIA has benefited the home learning program and the administration of the school has extended the program to several 20 schools in the Rehab community and its environs within District# 2, Montserrado County.


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