GVL Workers’ Union VP for Operations Resigns to Pursue Further Studies

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The vice president for operations at GVL Agricultural Workers Union (GOVAWUL), Darius Doe, yesterday resigned his post after two years of active service to the general workforce of Golden Veroleum Liberia.  He will now pursue higher education.

According to Mr. Doe’s resignation letter, he has aided workers of Golden Veroleum Liberia to archive most of their goals, including but not limited to crafting of a collective bargaining agreement which gave rise to wages increment from US$3.50 to US$5.25, rice ration from 25kg to 50kg, and improved transportation for employees at GVL estates in Sinoe and Grand Kru Counties.

“As a member of the first executive leadership of GVL Workers Union, I have done much for you and it’s now time to pursue further studies and advance both the company and the union together. I know it is a hard thing to accept but I need you to understand that I have worked for you over the past two years and it’s time to make changes, for myself and for the betterment of our union and union members,” he said.

Receiving the resignation letter with a  heavy heart, his principal deputy, Stanley Carter, welcomed the resignation and called on all workers to be strong and to thank Darius for the many contributions he had made to the well-being of the general assembly.

“It is sad to note that Darius is leaving the union we built together. However, we are still strong. The ideas and aspirations of the workers must continue. I wish him well,” Carter said.

Mr. Doe was elected on August 9, 2012 along with others as part of the first executive leadership to administer the affairs of the Golden Veroleum Agricultural Workers Union of Liberia. The resignation of the union’s Vice President for Operations is the second of its kind. In 2013, the Financial Secretary of the union resigned his post to pursue higher studies.

Meanwhile, a new appointment for acting,  in keeping with the GOVAWUL’s constitution has been discussed by its executives, while the second general union leadership election is scheduled to be held in August 2015.

In related development, GVL has begun holding several discussions with communities in Butaw District to explore possibilities for advancement of the company operations in the district.

This year first consultative engagement meeting arranged on January 16, 2015 by Golden Veroleum Liberia, appears to renew talks between the Butaw A-bloteh on restoring the integrity of the Butaw Shrine, with the company’s plans to rehabilitate and fence the area, the Butaw land survey, with company full preparedness to facilitate the process as well huge efforts to establish the Butaw Community Development Fund Committee.

Presenting the company’s positions, Community Affairs and Social Sustainability Manager, McDonald Wlemus reaffirms the company preparedness to work with the local Butaw community, adding that GVL is committed to employ and improve the livelihoods of more Liberians.

“GVL has the capacity and is prepared to provide more jobs for Liberians and to develop our concession areas,” McDonald said.

A-bloteh Chairman Benedict Menewah in response welcomes the plans of Golden Veroleum and assures the company the readiness of A-bloteh to move forward.

Mr. Menewah added that they are looking forward for the Butaw District map to start identifying additional land development areas.


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