GVL Seals Zoloken CDF Deal


The formation of the Zoloken Community Development Fund Committee in Wedabo, Grand Cess Administrative District, Grand Kru County, was finalized last Friday. The committee comprises people in the area of the county in which Golden Veroleum Liberia operates.
Those endorsed by both community and the company as direct representatives include Joshua Chea, Martin Bartu, Stephen Teah, Lucy Ankrah and Wilson Kotee.
The committee has the mandate to speak and represent citizens on issues concerning development, particularly involving the usage of community development funds originating from GVL.
The committee, comprising of 10 persons from the community, GVL and the Government of Liberia, has been established to administer, manage and control the funds. The move by GVL is in line with the Community Rights Law of 2009 and the GVL Concession Agreement. It mandates GVL to contribute annually US$5.00 per hectare of land.
The funds contributed by GVL will serve as a community development fund (CDF) to create sustainable social infrastructural development through an efficient management of the fund.
It is also in full compliance with criteria of the Roundtable on Sustainable Oil Palm (RSPO) principles and criteria for sustainable oil palm production. Furthermore it complies with all applicable local, national and ratified international laws and regulations.
The CDF charter is expected to empower the committee to operate as a single administrative body to use the CDF for additional social infrastructural development projects such as schools, clinics, roads, and bridges. The charter also includes GVL corporate social responsibilities for the communities in which it operates.


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