GVL Rehabilitates 9km Warbah Road In Sinoe County

Work on the 9 kilometer Kabada-Warbah road.jpg

Golden Veroleum Liberia says it has completed rehabilitation works on the 9-kilometer road connecting Kabada and Warbah, facilitating movement for more than 500 Warbah residents after more than 25 years of inaccessibility in Kpanyan Statutory District in Sinoe County.

According to Roosevelt Wleh, manager of community affairs and social sustainability at Golden Veroleum Liberia, the road project gives the community hope and puts an end to long-distance walking between Warbah and nearby communities as well as Sinoe County’s capital, Greenville. Mr. Wleh said the move also seeks to give free movement of possessions and amenities into the community.

“We believed giving road access to these communities and several others we have worked, and continue to work with, give them significant benefits of the road as it gives freedom of movement so they now have the opportunity to build and transport housing materials, food and goods for sale in their communities. It also helps reduce prices of goods in these communities. This empowers them economically. GVL will continue to help these communities and the communities we are discussing working with in the near future,” said Wleh. According to him, GVL is considering helping other communities in this area gain road access to help them access markets and gain other benefits.

GVL Communications Coordinator Leroy Kanmoh says that since the beginning of the dry season, GVL has rehabilitated and constructed at least 150 kilometers of feeder roads in Sinoe and Grand Kru counties. “GVL has always supported its partner communities and have worked closely with them to support economic development through road construction to promote the free flow of goods and services,” he said.

According to the GVL release, residents of the Worbah Community, backed by Jacob Kofa, paramount chiefdom of Matron Chiefdom, praised GVL for the road project. The citizens in general appreciated the efforts of GVL to rehabilitate their road, which would bring relief to them and help to transport their farm produce to the market.


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