GVL Refutes Former Contractor’s Debt Claims


Golden Veroleum (Liberia) Incorporated (GVL) has refuted claims that it failed to pay for services rendered by a former contractor, Tropical Logistics Liberia (Tropical).

GVL said in a recent statement that it hired Tropical for two major transportation contracts in 2017, but that the arrangement ceased on the basis of non-completion of the contract.

“Tropical’s claim for payment is not in line with the terms of that arrangement,” the GVL statement said over the weekend.

Golden Veroleum said it has made payments to Tropical in line with agreed terms, but disputed claims for further payments.

Meanwhile, GVL said subsequent negotiations between the parties have not resulted in an agreed settlement.

“While GVL refuted claims by Tropical Logistics Liberia, we respect the legal process, and therefore, will participate fully and abide by the outcome of the court decision, which we believe will demonstrate that GVL has acted lawfully,” the statement concluded.


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