GVL Recruits Over 90 in Grand Kru


Golden Veroleum Liberia on Monday June 29 2015, hired 60 Liberians at its Po-River farm site and 32 at its Ylatwen community farm in Wedabo-Grand Cess Administrative District, totaling 92 employed this week in Grand Kru County. The move by the company is in line with the memorandum of understanding in cooperating social agreement signed with both communities. According to the MOU signed on August 22, 2014, with Po–River community, GVL is to employ approximately 200 community residents.
The new employees, expected to start work 1 July 2015, will benefit from first-hand basic training in oil palm and sustainable development as part the company’s career development plans as it advances towards production stage in the southeast. The newly hired are the second batch employed since the palm oil developer started operations in Po-River while Ylatwen community hired marks the first batch of local employed by the company, a press release from GVL said. Earlier, the company recruited 45 local citizens in Po-River community making up a total of 105 in the area since operation began in February 2015.
Presenting their letters of employment, GVL Human Resources Officer in Grand Kru County, Victor Kaydor, explained company’s policy and urged the new employees to remain steadfast and focused as they have greater task to perform in developing their communities. He further assured community residents that there will be more employment as land development continues in the area. The newly hired have completed their medical screening and will start work Wednesday July 1, 2015.
Followed by Peter Doe-Sumah, GVL Manager for Human Resources, the GVL officials welcomed the new batch of Liberians and cautioned them to take their jobs important and serious. Mr. Doe-Sumah assured the new employees, saying, “GVL is committed to reducing and ending rural poverty in the southeast. This comes along with GVL commitment of providing job opportunities, quality healthcare, education and other basic infrastructure development to directly benefit these communities” said Doe-Sumah.
Doe-Sumah explained that, as the Company’s operations expand, and more hectares are developed; more local citizens will be employed in the area. At present, he said, GVL has employed nearly 4,000 Liberians with Grand Kru accounting for more than 1,000. Earlier this year; GVL announced it would employ additional 1,000 Liberians. So far, it has employed over 300 in both Sinoe and Grand Kru following a year of the deadly Ebola ruin in the Country. The company, which has a concession agreement of 65 years, seeks to employ between 35,000 and 40,000 Liberians when fully operational, thereby ensuring a successful investment and meeting communities’ expectations.
Currently, GVL has several vacant positions for qualified applicants, preferably Liberian citizens. To date, GVL boasts to be the largest employer in southeastern Liberia, with nearly 4,000 jobs, offering benefits of free housing, medical, education with 50kg unsubsidized monthly rice ration among others, in addition to employees’ wages.


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