GVL, Butaw A-bloteh Conclude Butaw Shrine Demarcation


Golden Veroleum Liberia and Butaw A-bloteh recently concluded a joint Butaw Shrine demarcation exercise in fulfillment of the company’s agreement with Butaw citizens.

  During the demarcation process, Golden Veroleum’s Senior Vice President for Operations Vigy Ponnudurai urged the Butaw delegation at the site to consciously demarcate the shrine aimed at satisfying the Butaw citizens and not GVL.

   Mr. Ponnudurai maintained that GVL knows the location of the shrine but had no knowledge of the boundary, adding that the restoration is paramount to GVL’s operation and maintaining Butaw’s cultural heritage.

  “This is what the company wanted all along. We will produce a map based on the shrine’s demarcation which will be signed by GVL and the Butaw representatives. When the map is approved, GVL will rehabilitate and fence the area in order to protect it from trespassers,” said Ponnudurai.

  In separate comments, Smarte Williams, one of the oldest traditional elders of Butaw District praised GVL for its cooperation and support in carrying out the demarcation exercise, adding that the Butaw traditional elders and communities are satisfied and acknowledge GVL’s plans to develop Butaw.

  “GVL is truly willing to work with the Butaw people and we can assure our full support and commitment to working with the management of GVL for the development of our land,” Mr. Williams stated.

  On behalf of the Butaw communities, Benedict Manewah, Butaw A-bloteh chairman, thanked GVL and expressed joy over the peaceful settlement of the Butaw Shrine issue.

“We are satisfied with the demarcation and GVL plans to rehabilitate our shrine. This shows that GVL has respect and is committed to protecting tradition and culture,” he said, according to a press release issued yesterday.


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