“Quit Social Media while On Duty”

Mr. Zomonway, incoming administrator warns nurses against the use of social media.

New GUMH Boss Warns Nurses

The incoming administrator of the Ganta United Methodist Hospital (GUMH), Allen Zomonway, has warned nurses and other medical practitioners to desist from the use of social media, including Facebook, while on duty, or else they will have themselves to blame, “because I will not delay to institute administrative decision on anyone caught in such a practice.”

Zomonway gave the warning yesterday at a program marking the turning over of the prenatal care center constructed in the courtyard of the hospital.

“My administration will deal with any nurse or hospital employee caught using social media and playing games, watching videos and worse of all, chatting during working hours; they will be dealt with accordingly,” Zomonway warned.

The hospital, he said, is under obligation to provide all needed and necessary care to the patients, “so whosoever tries to go against that mandate will be doing so at his or her own risk. The hospital will not tolerate, but take stern administrative measures (against such conduct).”

Zomonway noted that on many occasions, caretakers and patients have complained of the lack of proper healthcare from the nurses who they claimed were visibly playing on their mobile phones.

“Imagine, someone is sick on bed, suffering from agonizing pain, when a nurse is sitting looking at Facebook or on social media. Absolutely, my administration will not allow that here,” he said.

He added that the provision of good care to patients at any health facility makes the patients to feel the importance of such a facility regardless of their ailment.

Recently, the hospital was faced with the shortage of essential drugs and other necessities, but conditions have since improved, said Zomonway.

Accordingly, he has promised to further improve the system by putting in place accountability, ensuring that any funds generated by the hospital as well as any money received from partners, will be used for the intended purposes to avoid a recurrence of shortages of drugs and other supplies.

Zomonway is one of the stewards of the United Methodist Church in Liberia and currently serves as Health Coordinator of the Liberia Annual Conference .

A man with a nursing background and an employee of the hospital, Zomonway studied in Zimbabwe from where he returned and became coordinator of the “Nenwah Project” at the hospital before ascending to the position of health coordinator of LAC/UMC.

Mr. Martor: I vowed to work for this for at least two or three years, so I’m tired and want to rest.

Zomonway is taking over from Patrick Martor, who served the hospital from 2015 to present. Martor’s leadership brought about transformation of the hospital facilities with improvement in sanitary conditions and ongoing rehabilitation of the laboratory.

“I am just tired, so I want to rest,” Martor told reporters at the handing over ceremony.

“This transition is historic because it is the first of its kind since Dr. George Way Harley and his wife Winifred established the hospital in 1926,” the Human Resource Manager, David M. Vulu, added.


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